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[Watch] How B2B marketers can make the case for video

By Jonathan Villa | Nov 20, 2019


We all know that video is critical for any business, but making it a top priority in your strategy can be an uphill battle – especially when the higher-ups are not on board, or your team just doesn’t have the strategy in place to drive a high enough ROI. In this new video series, “How To Make The Case For Video”, we’ll show you how the different teams at Wibbitz are using video to reach our own goals, so you can do the same at your own company – and significantly grow your brand in the process. With these tips, you’ll be able to convince your boss why video is such an important medium to market your brand. For our first installment in the series, our marketing coordinator Johnny covers the video use case that’s closest to his own heart: B2B marketing.

Part 1: Brand Awareness



Part 2: Lead Generation


Coming soon!



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Jonathan Villa, Marketing Intern at Wibbitz
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Marketing Coordinator at Wibbitz

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