Scale video creation to deliver digital needs of your clients

Bring production in-house, increase turnaround time, and create professional videos that impress your clients every time.

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Make video production efficient for your team

  • House brand assets in one centralized location

    Set default logos, fonts, and color palettes for each client, so every video aligns with their brand guidelines.

  • Keep creative controls in-house

    Create a professional video in minutes with no production experience, and no need to rely on outside video producers.

  • Organize and execute on video campaigns at scale

    Easily manage assets and videos for multiple languages and campaigns across your client portfolio.

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Working with Wibbitz is a huge advantage, since it helps our clients prepare for a media ecosystem that is video-first. With Wibbitz, anyone can quickly become fluent in producing video-based content. .Ephraim Cohen SVP and Senior Partner, FleishmanHillard

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Strengthen client support and relationships with fast, effective video results

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Personalize a video strategy for each client’s needs

Build custom video styles for each of your client’s brands, then test and easily optimize to improve performance.

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Create a seamless video review process

Build drafts that can quickly be shared for review to bolster client support, and reduce the back-and-forth client feedback.

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Share your vision to impress prospective clients

Develop video proposals on the fly to share your vision, communicate strategy, and win more business.