Scale video creation to deliver digital needs of your clients

Bring production in-house, increase turnaround time, and create professional videos that impress your clients every time.

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Make video production efficient for your team

  • House brand assets in one centralized location

    Set default logos, fonts, and color palettes for each client, so every video aligns with their brand guidelines.

  • Keep creative controls in-house

    Create a professional video in minutes with no production experience, and no need to rely on outside video producers.

  • Organize and execute on video campaigns at scale

    Easily manage assets and videos for multiple languages and campaigns across your client portfolio.

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Working with Wibbitz is a huge advantage, since it helps our clients prepare for a media ecosystem that is video-first. With Wibbitz, anyone can quickly become fluent in producing video-based content. .Ephraim Cohen SVP and Senior Partner, FleishmanHillard

Trusted by content creators across the world

  • Fleishman Hillard

Strengthen client support and relationships with fast, effective video results

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Personalize a video strategy for each client’s needs

Build custom video styles for each of your client’s brands, then test and easily optimize to improve performance.

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Create a seamless video review process

Build drafts that can quickly be shared for review to bolster client support, and reduce the back-and-forth client feedback.

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Share your vision to impress prospective clients

Develop video proposals on the fly to share your vision, communicate strategy, and win more business.

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Why do the top marketing agencies choose Wibbitz?

Wibbitz strengthens the communications strategy at our company by allowing us to produce more videos, faster, while maintaining top level of quality. Chase Kroll Managing Director, Hogan Lovells
Being able to produce a video and optimize it for any social platform has increased our production by 36%. Now we can focus more time getting results. Jeff Cucinell Director of Social Strategy, iHeartRadio
We decided to work with Wibbitz because of the speed, and your customer support, who is always quick to respond and awesome to work with. Charlie Reiff Social Video Editor, HubSpot
Using Wibbitz boosted the quality of produced content and vastly improved our time to market. It was an obvious choice for us, the results speak for themselves! Sandy Schadler VP of Marketing, Travelink American Express

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