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Wibbitz Top Stories are ready-made videos that cover each day’s trending topics, breaking news stories, major events, and social media holidays, and made readily available for you in Wibbitz Studio to edit quickly and get in front of your audience ASAP. All it takes is one click to add your logo and branding, so you can share fully-branded, top-quality videos around every major story in seconds.


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The perks of using Wibbitz Top Stories for trending news video coverage

Spread your message across multiple platforms

Wibbitz makes it easy to scale video for whatever devices your customers are using. Plus, content is available in English, French and Spanish to reach multiple markets and demographics.

Easily customize your content

Starting with ready-made videos from our team of creators, you can easily make edits and add your own media. Our breaking news video templates make it easy to add your unique editorial voice and style.

Increase monetization opportunities

Improve ROI on every page of your site with videos that fit natively, are relevant to audience interests, and can be filled with pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads.

Cover any story in seconds

WIbbitz Top Stories videos provide up-to-the-moment video coverage across a wide range of subjects. Whether your audience is searching for news, entertainment, lifestyle, business, sports, technology, or political stories, we give you the power to capture their attention with fresh, insightful material.

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Social media isn’t my only job, so I can’t devote a whole day to video. Now I can localize videos created by our US team, use Top Stories for more regional coverage, and still focus on other campaigns. Diego Santos Regional Campaign and Social Media Strategist at Hubspot

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