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Wibbitz gives you a powerful online platform to create B2B marketing videos that grab attention and convert prospects across numerous channels. Help audiences understand what sets your business apart, hammer home your value proposition, convert new leads, and improve product retention with ease.

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Use video to make an impact at every stage of the funnel

In today’s plugged-in world, your message to potential customers needs to be clear and engaging. Showing both your current and potential customers what you have to offer – through creative and dynamic video content –  makes a huge impact on every stage of their journey. Wibbitz Studio makes it simple to create b2b marketing videos in minutes – from thought leadership content to client testimonials, to everything in between – so you can make a real impact on your business

  • Visualize any story with our extensive media library

    With over 110 million stock images, clips, and GIFs from leading providers ready to be searched, dragged, and dropped into your content, Wibbitz Studio’s media library has everything you need to visualize your message..

  • Reach multiple channels & audiences with a single video

    Wibbitz Studio allows you to duplicate your B2B product videos into multiple formats with one click. This makes it easy to optimize your content for virtually any type of screen, and tweak each version so that it’s personalized for your various buyer personas.

  • Jump in and start editing right away

    Our platform is so easy to use, you’ll hit the ground running as soon as you sign up. Wibbitz Studio’s intuitive design and simple-but-powerful features make it possible to engage with your audience instantly.

Being able to crank out videos consistently, localize them for different regions, and still save resources, time, and energy… it’s been a game changer. Plus, it allows us to think more about big-picture stuff, like our strategy, and where we want to spend our time moving forward. Charlie Reiff Social Video Editor & Animator, HubSpot

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Make the most of your resources with our online video editor

Customize your messaging and share your story

Our B2B video production software allows you to upload logos, graphics, fonts, and color schemes to create personalized content that fits your brand.

Create and collaborate

Collaborate with your team anywhere, anytime

Wibbitz Studio’s cloud-based platform empowers your team to easily create and collaborate, store and organize large files, review each other’s progress, and make edits from anywhere.

Ready-made templates for all kinds of B2B video content

Wibbitz provides a wide variety of templates to get you started. From there, you can easily add your own flair — just drag and drop elements to construct the ideal video.