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How to create next-level B2B marketing campaigns with personalized videos

By Koushik Marka | Jun 11, 2019


Over the years, the amount of time viewers spend watching videos has increased phenomenally. Cisco has predicted that by 2022, almost 82% of the Internet traffic will come from videos. There is no doubt of the efficiency and reach of this media.

However, what does it take to keep a viewer engaged to watch a video? The answer is relevancy and personalization. Content marketers have discovered that 79% of organizations which have a personalization strategy, see a marked increase in revenue goals. This clearly shows the power of personalization.

What is personalized video marketing?

Simply put, it is creating video content that is customized for the viewers using data available. It directly addresses the audience and includes personalized information such as company name, the logo, purchase history, location, etc. in the video to deliver relevant content to the viewer. Including personalized videos in your email campaigns can add greater punch to your personalized emails when targeting a specific audience.

In this article, we will discuss how B2B businesses can use personalized videos effectively at each stage of the sales funnel. So, let’s dive right in!

How to use personalized video marketing for better B2B conversion

Much like conventional videos, personalized videos can be used in all stages of the B2B sales funnel, but they deliver the message much more effectively – encouraging the viewer to dive down deeper into the funnel and enhancing the CTR and conversion rate. Let us look at how personalized videos help with the customer’s journey at each stage for B2B marketing campaigns.

Awareness Stage:

This is the top-of-the-funnel stage when the customer has a problem and is looking for a solution. You may have the solution, but the customer doesn’t know you exist. This is your first point of interaction and the goal here is to create brand recognition and recall. This is the time for relationship-building and you need to target more impressions and repeat visits.

Explainer videos help potential consumers understand your product or service better. The aim should be to keep the viewer engaged as long as possible and encourage them to learn more about your business. Clever personalization at this stage will help in fostering the relationship. Using the name, photographs, and even location can create a more personal experience for the viewer.

Consideration stage:

Now that the first introduction is over, it is time for a gentle nudge to provide them more information so they get to know you better before deciding to buy from you. The goal here is to make the association between the potential customer and you in such a manner that every time the consumer thinks of the problem, your product or service should come to mind as the solution.

You are competing for attention with many others who are offering similar solutions. This is where you need videos that can help you to establish credibility.

The kind of personalized videos that are effective at this stage are-

  • Case study videos which explain how your product was helpful to other customers with similar problems. The case study videos can include the name, designation and company name of the prospect.


  • Webinars are a great way to showcase expertise in your niche and connect with your audience. They can be edited to be shortened and personalized to present the most relevant information for the prospect to digest in small sections. Before hosting a webinar, you could even personalize the invites to your prospects.


  • Product demo videos help the prospect to see your products in action. When it is sprinkled with personalization, it sustains their interest right to the end.

Decision stage:

This is the third stage of the funnel and this is where the consumer will take a call whether to continue to engage and buy your product or to exit. This is the time to evoke emotion and create a greater association with your product. Personalization at this stage will help to flip the coin in your favor.

Here, you can use personalized videos such as:

  • Video testimonials- With testimonial videos, seeing other customers talking about their positive experience of using your product creates a sense of trust and intimacy that helps the viewer to instantly connect with the product and make a decision. Using personalization here creates an impression of a one-to-one interaction and instills greater confidence.


  • Company story videos with personalized content can help to draw potential customers in and be a part of your community. Using first names here will help to foster that intimacy.


Action stage:

Once the decision to commit to the sale is made, you need to sustain the relationship and ensure that the consumer comes back for future purchases. To enable this, you need to make the customer feel welcome and make sure that they have a good experience with you.

Here again, personalized videos can help strengthen the existing relationship. The following videos will work the best at this stage:

  • Personalized onboarding videos can be created especially for the client. They not only explain how to get started with the product that they have purchased but also, create goodwill. Use these videos to provide tips and tricks for using the product and send them in emails and also post them on the help and FAQs section of your website.
  • Retention videos are another type of video that helps in sustaining the relationship. Send a thank you message and use personal data to customize it for the viewer. Also, send personalized videos for occasions like birthdays, festivals, etc. Include special coupons and discounts to encourage the customer to continue the relationship.

Now that you have an idea of the types of personalized videos you can use at each stage of the sales funnel, here are some great examples of personalized videos to inspire your next B2B marketing campaign!

5 best examples of personalized video for B2B marketing

1. Influitive

Check out this fun event invite video by Influitive, a customer engagement platform. It was created for their annual event, Advocamp. They mention the prospect’s name on the sash, hence creating curiosity about the event and promoting it in an engaging way. It takes personalization to a whole new level.

2. FleishmanHillard

FleishmanHillard, a global PR and digital marketing agency created an interesting personalized video for their client, BlueCurrent to pitch to LDC. Created using the Wibbitz platform, this video does a great job of combining catchy background music, great visuals, and a personal touch.

3. Bluleadz

When it comes to prospect videos, you should take a leaf off Bluleadz’s book. In the video, the company not only addresses the prospect by name but also includes the company/brand name in its video too. The personalization is also included in the text at the beginning and the end of the video, which piques the interest and sustains it right till the end.

4. Oxfam

This video from Oxfam is a good example of an action stage video. The NGO thanks its donors with a personalized video and gives them a glimpse of the work that they do. It takes the viewers on a journey that shows them exactly where their donations are going and how they are improving the lives of people in various parts of the world.

5. Reltio

Another good example of a personalized video is from Reltio, the data management software company. It sprinkles personalization all over the video starting by including the name of the viewer in a newspaper headline at the beginning of the video.

Then it takes it a step farther by including it on a tablet screen, a coffee mug, and even on the computer screen before ending with the cover of a magazine featuring the prospect. Personalization is integrated in such a smooth manner that it feels natural and seems that the video was specially created for the viewer.

Wrapping up

The future of consumer engagement clearly lies in videos and formulating a clear and effective video content strategy is the need of the hour. Including personalization in videos takes your content marketing strategy to the next level and improves your ROI, CTR, and conversion rate.

To take advantage of the trend, go ahead and create personalized videos for each stage of your sales funnel!

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