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How HubSpot’s global teams collaborate & scale video for Facebook (in 6 languages)

with Diego Santos, Regional Campaign and Social Media Strategist, and Charlie Reiff, Social Video Editor & Animator at HubSpot

How HubSpot’s global teams collaborate & scale video for Facebook (in 6 languages)

1h 40m

Average time saved to create a single video


Average views on each of their Facebook videos



International regions reached with localized FB video

HubSpot is a leading growth platform for marketing, sales, and customer support professionals all over the world. The brand has also become a thought leader in its own right, thanks to its marketing team’s dedication to producing premium educational content – which has allowed them to build a loyal community of professionals across its website, blogs, and social channels.

HubSpot video powered by Wibbitz

For every English video we wanted to create in Spanish, it used to take about two hours. I had to send a bunch of emails just to get the file, download it, upload it… it was a pain. Now, I can see everything the English team is creating in one place, find the videos I want to translate, change the copy, and have a video in 20 minutes. That kind of management efficiency has made a big difference – not only for me, but for other regions as well. Diego Santos, Regional Campaign and Social Media Strategist Diego Santos Regional Campaign and Social Media Strategist at HubSpot

HubSpot’s Video Story

Video has always been a top priority (and point of pride) for HubSpot’s marketing team. Especially on Facebook, where they’ve been able to attract their largest audience of professionals – from entry-levels to industry veterans, across 6 international regions – looking to stay on top of important business trends.

But with their marketing team spread across 9 global offices, they found it increasingly difficult to collaborate across teams, and create the same quantity and quality of content coming from their US headquarters for every single region. Plus, not everyone on their regional teams had prior video experience, and video files are difficult to share regardless – so it could take up to two hours for a single English video to be translated into French, Spanish, German, Portuguese or Japanese.

With Wibbitz, this whole process now takes 20 minutes – which has allowed HubSpot’s global teams to easily scale video content in multiple languages across each region’s Facebook page, and even create new localized content for the stories that are only relevant to specific regions. Plus, it’s allowed each team member to spend more time on their other daily tasks, and think more big-picture in general.


More time for multiple hats

“Social media isn’t my only job, so I can’t devote a whole day to video. Now I can localize videos created by our US team, use Top Stories for more regional coverage, and still focus on other campaigns.”

Easy global collaboration

“Sending files back and forth was kind of a messy process. Having the centralized platform that Wibbitz provides makes it easier to collaborate across different offices and regions. It’s just a breeze.”

Speedy creation & support

“Ultimately, we decided to work with Wibbitz because of the speed, the platform, and the amazing customer support, who is always quick to respond and awesome to work with.”

Charlie Reiff, Social Video Editor & Animator
Being able to crank out videos consistently, localize them for different regions, and still save resources, time, and energy… it’s been a game changer. Plus, it allows us to think more about big-picture stuff, like our strategy, and where we want to spend our time moving forward. Charlie Reiff Charlie Reiff Social Video Editor & Animator at HubSpot