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How to transform your content strategy into a multisensory experience

By Jonathan Villa | Aug 6, 2019


Gone are the days where content was consumed exclusively through singular senses – especially now that devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa are becoming more specialized with regard to the senses they stimulate. With technology moving and advancing at a rapid pace, now’s the time to rework your content creation strategy, and maximize on the new ways that audiences can experience your brand.

It’s no secret that stimulating multiple senses, in any context, can increase retention of a product or event. Schools are now starting to adopt multisensory learning methods to be more accessible to children with differing learning styles, resulting in increased engagement. It goes to show that the advantages of appealing to multiple senses are present even in during childhood.

While appealing to singular senses (with mediums like audio) can be effective, the addition of visuals can enhance anything you present to your audience. Here are some things you can do to transform your content strategy to activate as many senses as possible.

Add music to still images

With the help of a video editing platform like Wibbitz, you can add a relevant soundtrack behind a gallery of images and instantly transform them into a captivating video. Using music can amplify the emotional impact or reinforce the feeling you want to evoke in your content. This video from Daily Mail, created with Wibbitz for the Echo Show, is a great example of using music to influence emotion.

Film events instead of strictly using photos

With smartphone cameras reaching quality standards akin to professional cameras, it’s easier than ever to record your next event. Since they *are* content goldmines, you can have multiple people taking photos and videos (either through livestream or to their camera roll).

Add interactions to your mobile experiences

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating an experience designed for touch-based devices! Platforms like Ceros make it easy to create content that captivates your audience with mobile interactions. Best part—you can even add video to pad your experience with extra auditory and visual content! Watch our webinar on visual storytelling that we co-hosted with Ceros to learn more.

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