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Wibbitz’s easy-to-use platform helps e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands showcase their products. Retail marketers can quickly create stunning product videos for Amazon that will wow audiences and drive more revenue.

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Amazon product video maker

Trusted by the world’s leading e-commerce & D2C brands

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Compete with big brands on a budget

Choose from dozens of transitions, text animations and an entire library of professional quality music to customize your Amazon video ads. You don’t need a big brand budget – just a powerful Amazon product video maker like Wibbitz.

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Stunning templates to jumpstart creativity

Wibbitz Studio’s carefully crafted Amazon product video maker templates will help you go from concept to finished video in minutes – allowing you more time to focus on other tasks for your Amazon business promotion.

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Create your own media library to save time

Easily showcase your products with our easy-to-use import feature. Just upload creative assets to your library and drag and drop to the storyboard. Add tags and organize with folders to save time when searching for the best shot for your Amazon product video.

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Fully-customizable to match your brand

Upload logos, custom assets, colors and fonts to match your brand and maintain consistency across your catalog. Wibbitz makes it easy to create a visual identity that supports your brand through Amazon video advertising.

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Create your own templates to save time

Wibbitz makes it easy to create your own video templates in just one-click. Quickly create multiple videos to run A/B test for your Amazon video ads – and optimize for the most conversions while maintaining a consistent look.

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Collaborate with a remote team

With your videos, templates and assets on our cloud-based platform, you and your team can work on product videos for Amazon from anywhere in the world. Wibbitz is an Amazon product video maker that matches the workflow of today’s ecommerce and D2C business owners.

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Wibbitz’s immense video library and intuitive platform enables smaller D2C brands, like us, to deliver our message and educate Amazon consumers about our product – by producing excellent video content on a much larger scale, for a more reasonable price. Sara Finder Marketing Manager at MOXXOR

The best Amazon product video maker for any budget

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Access a world-class media library

With access to professional-quality videos, photos, and gifs, you can easily supplement your own creative assets to build the ultimate Amazon video ad.

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Endlessly customizable templates

Whether you’re launching a new product or updating your current catalog, our ready-made templates are the perfect way to jumpstart your creativity. Just choose your favorite, replace it with your own story, and start selling more products.

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Add style and dynamism with text animations

Our text animations can help you grab attention and call out product features, or answer frequently asked questions. With the click of your mouse, add energy and style to your videos to hook prospective buyers.

Ready to make Amazon video advertising easy?

With 90% of consumers saying video impacts their decision to buy a product, video isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a must-have. By adding Wibbitz’s easy-to-use platform to your toolkit, you can quickly create quality product videos for Amazon, and compete against the biggest brands on the world’s biggest online marketplace.

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