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How to turn your next event into a video content goldmine

By Brandon Rafalson | May 1, 2019


Wondering how to create more video content for your brand? Here are 5 different ways industry leaders like Buzzfeed, The Content Marketing Institute, and E3 turned live events into their own personal video content goldmines and how you can do the same.

Both social media and organic search algorithms are ever-changing. It can be tough to navigate these new rules while maintaining and, hopefully, building your audience base. No matter what challenges these platforms throw your way, there is one medium you count on for successfully marketing your brand online no matter what changes: video.

And luckily for you, you’ve already sewn the seeds for sourcing engaging content. Every conference, meeting, and seminar can be optimized to reach fans both new and old. With a little planning, you can set yourself up to get tons of great video content from your next in-person gathering.

Without further ado, here are 5 different ways you can turn an event into a video content goldmine, complete with real-world examples from industry leaders.

Live Streaming

Most major platforms (including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch) are pushing live streaming features right now – and for good reason. As we see in this video example above, Buzzfeed used Facebook Live to amuse their fans with a dance battle. And it totally worked – their livestream video (now available for playback) has won over 223,000 views since it’s release.

So what makes this video so effective? Because it’s Buzzfeed, we can only assume things like epic dance battles are par for their course at their fun-loving offices. Whether the event was just another Wednesday afternoon or a strategically executed marketing tactic, it was pure genius. Users even joined in the fun by rating dancers one by one in real time as the Buzzfeed staff busted their moves.

This video is a great example of everything that makes live streaming events so great. First, it’s fairly casual. No advanced setup or equipment was required. And they didn’t need to worry about looking super polished. In fact, one of live streaming’s greatest advantages is that users enjoy seeing real life, flaws and all. It’s what makes the medium so exciting.

They also did a great job of chatting with the community and getting them involved. Instead of letting viewers feel like awkward bystanders at some too-cool-for-school office party, the community manager made sure to ask the audience questions, involve them as judges, and ultimately bring them into the experience as much as possible.

Dance Craze Battle: LIVE!

Posted by BuzzFeed on Thursday, March 3, 2016


Recorded Sessions

Content Marketing World is, as you may already know, a leading marketing conference hosted by the one and only Content Marketing Institute. It’s only natural that we’d find a great example of how they turned their live event into some awesome video content.

In the below example, one of the event’s guest speakers gives a presentation on a hot topic: keeping your audience curious. For their target audience (marketing professionals and digital content creators), this subject matter is both very interesting and in demand.

It was brilliant of them to record and share the above video content from their live event. They already had the speakers booked, might as well optimize the opportunity to grab more eyeballs and provide value to their audience.

The best part is, you can do this with any events on your calendar. If you have an interesting speaker, keynote, or presentation, you should consider setting yourself up with some cameras ahead of time and documenting the experience.

Sharing event content online (especially when coupled with video SEO best practices ) boosts discoverability and is becoming an industry best practice. Prospects who did not get to attend the event can search and enjoy the video, piquing their interest for next year’s event. And those who did attend might have especially loved this presentation, so having a video to share with their peers makes it easy for your advocates to keep promoting your brand. Watch the video below, then head to Wibbitz’s Storyteller Circle event series page for some more great examples of recorded sessions.

Testimonials from Attendees and Customers

Sometimes all it takes to persuade new customers that your event really is special is to ask your attendees to tell them. In this example, you see a number of delighted participants raving about the experience. And their enthusiasm is so infectious it’s impossible to get through the video without smiling.

For example, the attendees at InsightSquared’s RAMP conference serve as the primary event ambassadors. The same can work for your conference.

If you have event attendees (or customers) who love what you do, they’ll jump at the chance to tell others about your brand and products. Asking them to do a video testimonial at your next live event or meeting is a quick and painless way for them to express their appreciation.

In addition to providing evidence that your event or product is a huge hit, it’ll also give viewers an idea of who your audience is.

In the video below, InsightSquared puts the spotlight on their revenue operations attendees. In doing so, they showcase their target audience.

If a viewer has those things in common with attendees, chances are that they’ll be more likely to want to get in on the action too. They will already know that they will meet like-minded and friendly people who share their interests and are ready to learn. So, in addition to all the great sessions, they’ll get to network and spend time with their peers. It’s a win-win.

Speaker Interviews

E3 is known as the world’s premiere video game expo and their speakers are legends in their community. So it was only natural that the brand would want to capitalize on having all the industry’s superstars together in one place. Since they were already at the event, speakers were invited to sit down with E3 hosts to do some special interviews about their products, company, and, in some cases, favorite superheroes.

In this strong video game marketing example, two brand reps for E3 sit down with the Creative Director of one of the event’s most anticipated new game releases. They go into more detail about his thoughts on the demo, some behind-the-scenes trivia, and more personal stories regarding his experience on the subject.

Getting to see this side of your event speakers is just plain fun. Especially for their fans. Keynotes and breakout sessions are staples of event content, but audiences also appreciate the more personal feel of a sit-down interview. With this format, the speaker can get into topics they didn’t have time to cover during their talk and even get into some questions asked by fans.

If you plan to have your speakers interviewed, make sure you take a page from E3’s book and ask guests what questions they’d like to hear asked ahead of time. Thank your audience during the interview and give them bonus treats for participating, like displaying the asker’s Twitter handle on screen or having the speaker do a shoutout for them.

Spider-Man – New Gameplay Demo

Bryan Intihar, Creative Director at Insomniac Games, joins The Facebook Live Studio to demo SONY's new Spider-Man footage. PlayStation #SpidermanPS4O

Posted by E3 Expo on Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Sizzle Reels

The grand-daddy of event video content, sizzle reels amp up an audience’s excitement and are very simple to make. As you can see from the above example, the Tastemaker Conference made the most of their live event by getting video documentation of everything that happened before, during, and after the actual affair. From shots of freshly laid tableware to smiling guests perusing gift bags, this event video example is it’s own testimonial to the power of event video content.

If you’re looking to generate some buzz for your own event, use some of the strategies in the below example. Most of these shots are easy to recreate for any event type. And if you miss anything the day-of, just check social media to see if a guest shared anything you can use in your video.

Here’s how to master a basic yet effective sizzle reel:

  • Shoot videos of your gorgeous design, decor, and other goodies (eye spy a tasty looking donut wall) before guests arrive.
  • Capture candid moments of guests interacting and enjoying themselves.
  • Then sprinkle in some testimonials and upbeat music!

That’s all it takes to create a truly irresistible marketing video!

Main Takeaways: Live Event Video Ideas

There are lots of ways to mine video content gold from your next live event. Keep these key ideas in mind:

  • Get your audience involved. Ask them for their opinions, give them opportunities to engage with guests, and make the overall experience interactive as much as possible.
  • Repurpose everything. Keynotes, videos recorded by guests and uploaded to social media, and even impromptu office parties are all highly accessible sources for video content.
  • Have a plan in place ahead of time. Prepare speakers, cameras, and any other tools you need before the event. You should also have a checklist of footage you’d like to grab during the event.

In addition to knowing what video content you want to create from your live event, it’s important to keep your event promotion strategy in mind every step of the way. And if you’re interested in maximizing your live event’s effectiveness even more, consider giving event software a try.

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