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Our easy online video studio editor enables anyone on your team to create short, engaging videos quickly and easily – with intuitive web-based video editing tools, ready-made templates, millions of licensed media assets, and more.


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What makes our online video editor different

Wibbitz custom video templates

Video creation for your entire team

Support for multiple brands in one account, custom video templates to match your brand style, and a Planner tool for simplified project management to edit & create professional videos online

Ready made videos

Ready-made videos for trending stories

Instantly rebrand our daily videos covering the latest breaking news, pop culture events, and social media holidays so you never need to edit online video yourself.

World class media library

Content for every platform and channel

Create short videos for social media, website, advertising, internal portals and more using one-click resizing to square, vertical, or landscape formats for optimal performance.

Built for Your Business

No matter what industry you’re in, engaging with your audiences is crucial in order to achieve your goals. Dynamic video content is one of the best ways to establish these connections. Whether you’re making bite-sized videos to promote your brand on social media, producing coverage for major global events, or spreading the good word to your staff, Wibbitz Studio makes it simple. Our user-friendly, intuitive online video creation studio gives you virtually limitless options to deliver the content that will make a big impact on your business.

Start your free trial of Wibbitz Studio today, and discover how easy it can be to create your own short videos online.

There was no comparison. Using Wibbitz boosted the quality of produced content and vastly improved our time to market. It was an obvious choice for us and the results speak for themselves. Sandy Schadler Vice President, Marketing

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