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Why video is crucial to get your tech company off the ground

By Erik Mathes | Oct 4, 2019


While words are essential in storytelling and driving brand messages home, moving images can communicate far more information and emotion, and often in less time than it would take you to finish reading this paragraph. Especially if you’re trying to market a new tech company, it’s time to consider creating stellar startup video materials to make a quick impact.

The power of video is even better illustrated through numbers: People retain a staggering 95% of the information they get through video content, while they only remember a meager 10% of what they read.

Want more specifics? Here’s the rationale behind having a devoted startup video creator, along with examples of some of the best startup demo videos to inspire you to get started.

Stellar startup videos can educate potential consumers – and even go viral

Let’s start with one of the best startup demo videos of all time: the egg drop test from Purple. As an innovative and disruptive mattress company using a new, proprietary material, Purple needed to quickly show people how it’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer® mattresses were different and superior to typical memory foam competitors.

While this startup video is somewhat longer than what we typically advise at over three minutes, there’s always room for exceptions, and this is one of them.

Just see for yourself in the clip below how well Purple was able to distinguish itself in an incredibly competitive space by using humor, storytelling, and great production to thoroughly educating viewers on what makes their mattress tech special.

On top of that, check out the number of views this startup video has acquired for Purple since being published about a year and a half ago (as of this writing): a cool 65 million views.

That’s a big enough accolade for this video to be considered a viral hit, and it’s not the only one the company has produced. Purple’s been using this medium effectively for years, having created some of the best startup demo videos of all time, which helped them skyrocket from getting funded through Kickstarter back in 2015 to merging with a publicly traded company just two years later. Check out this startup video gold:

Startup video is vital for tech companies’ social media strategies

Attention spans are severely limited these days, especially when it comes to social media feeds. With endless scrolling on every platform, getting people to slow down and stop swiping is becoming ever more difficult.

That’s why a startup video creator is the most empowering component of a new tech company’s marketing strategy. Whether you rely on outsourcing your startup video creation or your bring it in-house, you can use video to deliver branded messaging on the social platforms where your target demographics spend time. And the videos don’t have to be long (in fact, they shouldn’t be) and they need not contain employees or even voiceovers in them. does a great job in the video below (created in the Wibbitz platform), where they discuss a topic of interest to their professional followers on LinkedIn while showcasing what they do. At the end, they let people know they can learn more by visiting the company site through a clear call-to-action at the conclusion.

A well-crafted startup video can drive traffic to your site

Tech company marketers need to drive traffic to their sites, often in incredibly competitive spaces when it comes to organic and paid search.

If you’re marketing a startup, chances are you have lower domain authority and page authority, making it even more difficult to rank on search engine results pages through blogging and site pages, however optimized they may be.

One way to work around this is to provide high value through your startup video content and publishing it on as many platforms as you can.

As did above, SimilarWeb also works its video magic in the next example their team created with Wibbitz, showcasing Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, pivoting to online-only sales for his company’s vehicles.

In the same fashion as the best startup demo videos out there, SimilarWeb’s video highlights what they do – provide deep insights to marketers, analysts, and business people through data – within a short clip that encourages viewers to visit the company site to learn more.

By quickly giving people a taste of your tech company’s offerings with a concrete, real-world example, you can mirror SimilarWeb’s video marketing strategy of providing value to startup video viewers while simultaneously enticing them to visit their site, boosting awareness and site traffic that has a higher chance of converting into revenue.

Wibbitz customer Strokemark similarly uses a simple startup video creator to drive site traffic by distilling a case study into an under-two-minute video clip. By giving its audience valuable information about stroke recovery in a digestible format, Strokemark hopes to earn viewers trust so they visit the site to read topical articles.


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