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How to create a real estate video that makes your buyer feel at home

By Justen Haynes | Aug 29, 2018


Real estate is arguably one of the most competitive markets to work in. So if your goal is to make sure a property of yours stands out from the rest, don’t just present images of the property like everyone else — create a real estate video to make a buyer ready to visit. Here are a few real estate video tips that went into our creation of the Real Estate Listing Storyboard (below) that we recently made available in the Wibbitz platform. By following these tips (or, if you’re a lucky Wibbitz customer, by taking advantage of our Storyboards feature) you’ll be able to upgrade your property listings into engaging virtual walkthroughs.

1. Hook a potential buyer

State the important details upfront, with the address standing out and the subsequent details to follow. Buyers want a quick introduction of what the home has to offer before going any further. Watch the first frame of the Storyboard template above to see how we kicked off the listing with an awesome wide angle shot of the listing, and three of its most important features.

2. Ditch the photos for videos

It’s no secret that video assets perform better than still images when using media in short-form video. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million! Buyers want to feel like they’re doing a walkthrough of the home while sitting in their own. Use this opportunity to strengthen your real estate video marketing strategy in a way that doubles the video as an interactive experience for your clients – like we did at 0:07 by adding a shot of the stone waterfall.

3. Use the overview as a listing description

This space doesn’t need to be confined to the details of the listing but can serve as way for you to describe the property in a way that will make the house feel like a home. Combine the default options (type of home, date built and lot size) to tell a story. “[Address] is a family home constructed by a millionaire in the late 1930s, with its 178,926 square foot lot built to accommodate a horse ranch.” (00:07)

4. Add an incentive

What’s the last impression you want to leave your potential buyers with? What’s a short sentence or “zinger” you can use to seal the deal? Remember, you want them to envision the space as a home and not just a house. This could be the space their family spends a good portion of their lives in. Use this space to create a real estate video that gets them to visualize themselves living at the property.

5. Make yourself known

How do you stand out as a real estate agent in terms of service. Include your credentials and important contact information as a call-to-action and assurance that you’re the one who can make a buyer’s dream home their reality. (00:29)

6. SEO optimization

How can you narrow down search results to make sure buyers find their dream home? For example, listing the city and a key detail that makes the property stand out is a great way to start. You want a buyer to come across your real estate video before they have a chance to scope out the competition.

Written by
Justen Haynes

Video Producer at Wibbitz

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