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5 great examples of Instagram video brands to watch in 2019

Jun 7, 2018


Nailing a successful Instagram strategy is a popular goal these days, but getting it right isn’t always quite so easy. Building a powerful video account on Instagram takes a lot of planning and a powerhouse of execution. But no matter what industry you’re in, from music to sports and movies to news, it’s clear that video is a crucial tool for businesses of all kinds on social media. Video helps drive traffic, boost engagement, create brand awareness, or even bolster the broader conversation about your industry. Check out how these five brands are winning with Instagram video in 2019:


As the “number one name in music,” REVOLT TV highlights music industry news, the pop culture appeal of current musical celebrities, and the legacies of historical music greats. REVOLT intersperses still photos and memes with timely video snippets that cover everything happening in the music business. They use catchy video snippets to celebrate milestones and anniversaries of musical history, and focus on longer footage clips to support REVOLT TV partners and initiatives and to direct viewers to full coverage programming on the REVOLT TV channel.

Check out one of our favorite videos REVOLT created in the Wibbitz platform below, then click here to watch how Wibbitz is helping REVOLT reach music lovers across every platform with video.

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Did you know @GrungyGentleman collabed with @Nas to make HSTRY? #UnlockedbySimpleMobile @SimpleMobile

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2. SportsCenter

In the sports world, any second can be a make-it or break-it moment for an athlete or for a whole team. SportsCenter mixes up their video coverage by balancing phenomenal game highlights with sports jokes and some of the more light-hearted footage making the rounds of the internet as told by sports fans. They use quick-hitting video loops to promote fan polls and present partnerships, while well-edited SportsCenter reels touch on the greater contributions of potential hall-of-famers and memories of the biggest names in the sports world.

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Should Terrell Owens be in the Hall of Fame?

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3. Nike

The videos on Nike’s Instagram feed take a different approach to the world of sports. First and foremost, Nike uses animated and live action video to advertise specific product releases. Upbeat music and visuals paying homage to the decades-long Nike brand vision drive home the idea that Nike isn’t just a clothing company, it’s a lifestyle. And to round out their video offering, Nike does a beautiful job cutting together inspiring clips of pro athletes and amateur sports players. All in all, they embody the importance and the power of sports around the world through their video content as much as through the diverse products they make.

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4. E! News

It’s no surprise that E! News leans on memes and feel-good laughs in a lot of their Instagram video content. Throwbacks to the fashions of the 90s abound in GIFs that loop endlessly—or for as long as you’re laughing, at least. But the entertainment giant also uses video content to boost stars’ new releases with teasers from music videos and upcoming movies, and shares snippets of their own coverage from live on the season’s red carpets, celebrity interviews, and more. That way, whether you hang out on their Instagram feed or make your way to their website or TV programs for more, E! News makes sure you get a fun taste of their commentary every step of the way.

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Celebs love loud labels and @morganstewart is breaking the trend down in this week’s #NecessaryRealness.

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5. Fandango

Fandango has plenty of footage to choose from, considering their area of expertise is all the hottest movies in Hollywood. But on the Fandango Instagram feed, sharing short video teasers from all the new blockbuster movie trailers is just a baseline. On top of that, they share footage from behind the scenes and on the red carpet at movie premieres, video memes and highlight reel supercuts from superstar interviews, and even celebrity takes on their favorite actors and best movie moments. For Fandango, video content is a way to expand the conversation beyond just new releases and box office sales, transporting you into the magic of the movies before you even leave the house.

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#SylvesterStallone #TomCruise & #WillSmith tie for the best running in movies, according to #Olympic Bobsledder #LoloJones. #WinterOlympics

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