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How to create videos for Instagram, according to millennial media reporter Kami Simmons

By Kami Simmons | Jul 13, 2018


For any professional looking to reach their goals in today’s digital economy, a solid Instagram video strategy makes all the difference – and has become an essential element in every successful brand. That’s why we decided to start our Explore Instagram series, where we’ll take a deep dive into the various ways you can leverage Instagram to connect with all types of audiences, and benefit any kind of business. Keep your eye out for more posts in this series each month, and make sure to follow the Wibbitz Instagram page for daily inspiration from our team! 


Today’s Explore Instagram article is a guest post by Kami Simmons, a journalism student at Columbia University that attended one of our automation workshops. As an aspiring reporter and Instagram video creator, she’s now using the Wibbitz platform to build her entertainment media brand on all social channels. She’s seen lots of success when creating videos for Instagram in particular, and has some great tips to share for boosting engagement on the platform around today’s biggest trends.

Many entertainment reporters report on television platforms and are gradually pivoting to online video. As a millennial multimedia reporter, I naturally turn to digital video to cover all things entertainment, pop culture trends, fashion, beauty, technology and lifestyle with a sprinkle of hard hitting news – and have been able to use Wibbitz platform as an Instagram video creator to take my reporting to the next level.

I was originally introduced to Wibbitz at Columbia University Journalism School through the Tow Center newsroom automation workshop, and have continued to use the platform to build my Trensetta Media brand through weekly #TrensettaReports videos. Having the ability to create videos in a shorter amount of time has ultimately allowed me to generate more content that engages with my audience on every platform. At the same time, these tools have allowed me to continue to create videos for Instagram that are different from other entertainment videos within the online space.

Here are some tips for creating a trendsetting entertainment video for Instagram using all of the features that Wibbitz has to offer:

Pair text overlays with your voiceover

Even though I add a voiceover to most of my videos, I like to use the Wibbitz platform’s text tools in order to continue to push the story forward and make it more engaging for the viewer – like how I created this video for Instagram on Demar Jay Smith.

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✨✨📺🎤🎬📱💻A Testament to when preparation meets opportunity or as I would say, STAY READY AND YOU DON'T HAVE TP GET READY!! Excited to announce that I will be joining the @iamdelilahdee @delilahandco as their newly correspondent for their social media platforms! So grateful for this opportunity!

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  • Reach: 744
  • Viewers: 944
  • 18% of viewers were not already following my account

Embed social posts within your social videos

When I create videos for Instagram, I like to embed posts from Twitter and Instagram to add a social media aspect. This helps make the story feel as native as possible to social users, and also proves that what I’m saying is not just trending, but factual! This video featuring reggae artist Damian Anthony received so much engagement, the artist himself added a comment of appreciation!

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#TrensettaReports | @damion_anthony and more with his new single on @iTunes @tidal @spotify @googleplaymusic @iheartradio @amazonmusic + @itsjeremyscott

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  • Reach: 6,885
  • Viewers: 6,992
  • 91% of viewers were not already following my account

Diversify your media with on-air reporting, stock photos and video footage

For this story on Cardi B, I used the Wibbitz platform’s social media post feature, coupled with the photo and video footage, to add more texture. When I use the Wibbitz platforms’s Instagram video creator tools, I always make sure that make the transitions between each media asset fit the pace of the video’s soundtrack. This allows my primarily millennial viewers to have a more lively and captivating experience.

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Ms. @iamcardib for the win!! She doubled up with @21savage for her new single. Available on @spotify, @itunes and other music platforms. Take a listen and let me know what your opinions are! It's also been reported tonight that she has four songs on the hip hop charts!!! Go BARDI!!

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  • Reach: 2,130
  • Views: 1,146
  • 73% women / 27% men
  • Majority of the viewers ranged from 18-24 years of age

Written by
Kami Simmons

Journalism student at Columbia University

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