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The winning student video from the Wibbitz, AP & Automated Insights AI Workshop

Oct 13, 2017


Last Wednesday, Wibbitz joined AP and Automated Insights to host an AI Workshop at Columbia Journalism School. The AP’s Francesco Marconi kicked off the workshop with an introduction to augmented journalism, then we gave students the opportunity to try out Automated Insights and Wibbitz software for themselves. It was amazing to see a room full of future journalists dive in and start using brand new tools that they were just introduced to minutes prior – and Francesco agrees:

“Implementing artificial intelligence in the newsroom demands new editorial expertise. Through hands-on workshops we are helping the next generation of journalists develop innovative storytelling approaches and master the use of AI-powered tools.”
– Francesco Marconi, Strategy Manager and AI Co-Lead at the Associated Press

The workshop was certainly a success – not only did the students create great videos, but we saw that they really enjoyed the process. We gave the students a week to play around in the Wibbitz platform, and had them send us their best video for our student competition. We received some amazing submissions that made it very hard to choose from. However, we did promise that we would pick a winner, so without further ado…


Check out how they juxtaposed various text overlay styles and different types of media footage, and ended their story with a followup question, to initiate a conversation with the NYC community. Amazing work guys!

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