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Wibbitz secures new patent for automatically transforming text into video

Mar 1, 2017


We have a very exciting announcement to make – the innovative method used by our platform to generate videos from text-based content has officially been patented! You can read the full press release here.

The patented technology handles the full process of converting non-video information into a video. Information is analyzed and summarized using natural language processing algorithms from said text, including images, video, metadata, page-links, tweets, author details, date, comments, CSS, and rating. The technology understands the relation between entities within the story, such as key figures or main events. It then selects relevant media from licensed providers based on defined characteristics and semantic analysis, preserving the main idea of the original text. The visualization process is finalized by automatically creating a configured video file, which can be embedded within the text article, a web page, or published to social media.

“This patent represents the foundation of our intelligent automation technology, and embodies our belief in the power of visual storytelling. We remain focused on developing our technology to understand and summarize text more accurately in order to streamline the video creation process for content creators, while still maintaining the integrity of their story.”

– Uri Meirav, Wibbitz Chief Technology Officer