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Using video to celebrate social media holidays

By Samuel Valorose | Oct 24, 2018


Social Media Holidays have taken over our timelines. Each and every day has multiple “Holidays,” including “National Homemade Cookies Day,” “National Vodka Day,” “National I Love Lucy Day,” and many more. While the National Day Calendar gives us many eye roll-inducing holidays that are great for a quick laugh, they can be a goldmine for social media engagement and can give you a steady stream of content.

In this blog, I’ll take you through examples of how we cover trending social holidays with our Top Stories and how to use Wibbitz to create quick, professional, and easy-to-create content that will keep your audience engaged and coming back.

5 Tequila Facts for National Tequila Day – July 24

This simple list of facts about the drink is made complete by the incredibly creative footage provided in our stock media library. It opens with eye-catching footage of a shot being poured and continues with great shots of agave being harvested – all available to use within the Wibbitz platform. This video can easily be duplicated and repurposed to an evergreen piece by taking out the National Tequila Day references and changed to simply “5 Facts About Tequila,” and can easily fill gaps in your content calendar.

Today Is National Watermelon Day: Here’s a Sangria Recipe – August 3

We took a different approach for National Watermelon Day (August 3rd) and made a how-to video for a delicious Sangria recipe. Using our Flex theme to place to make visually-pleasing composition with the stock footage, this video can easily be edited to take our the National Watermelon Day references for a solid piece recipe video.

This Is What’s Really Inside Your Hot Dog – July 18

While most of these social media holidays are used to promote or market a product, sometimes a shocking dose of reality can create the most conversation. One of our best-performing videos created on the Wibbitz platform, this video breaks down all the components of the cookout staple. It also shows the diversity of the Wibbitz creative media library, which contained some (horrifying) footage of how the hot dogs were prepared.

Susan G. Komen NYC – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation created this emotionally compelling video on breast cancer statistics. Using a mix of their own photos and footage found in the Wibbitz media library, this powerful video compiles important facts about breast cancer and how you can change awareness into action.

November is full of upcoming holidays, including “National Calzone Day,” “World Kindness Day,” and “National Play Monopoly Day.” Use the Wibbitz platform and our vast collection of stock footage to get ahead of the competition, start conversation, and get your audience engaged!

Written by
Samuel Valorose

Video Producer at Wibbitz

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