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Up and away! How to elevate your video with drone footage

By Sam Valorose | Aug 2, 2018


Affordable drones have changed the landscape of video production. You’ve no doubt seen these small unmanned aircrafts zipping around the sky at concerts or hobbyist piloting them in the park. Even Amazon wants to use them to deliver products in the future. In the past five years, drones have become commercial and inexpensive, allowing amateur filmmakers to shoot and include epic aerial shots in their productions.

But as drones gain popularity, the laws around them differ from state-to-state and can land you in hot water if you fly them in prohibited areas. Skip the risk and trouble of drone flying and use our vast media library in the Wibbitz platform. With our numerous options of drone-shot aerial footage, you can easily make your next video production feel like a blockbuster feature. Here are three reasons you should take advantage of the drone footage in Wibbitz platform to level-up your video content:

Bird’s eye view: no bird (or drone) required

This may seem obvious, but the “Wow” factor aerial drone footage will give your video is sure to impress anyone you show it to. Long gone are the days of needing a helicopter or a giant crane to obtain this type of footage. Cut to these sprawling shots to give your audience a brand-new perspective and make any video feel as legendary as the Lord of the Rings.

Premium shots for any sized budget

While the price of drones may have sharply decreased, ultimately, you get what you pay for. If you want to produce the professional footage that is comparable to what Wibbitz offers, you’re looking at dropping around $700 at least. Factor in the time it takes to learn how to operate the drone, traveling to get to the location and other expenses, our footage is the perfect solution.

Create videos as big as your ideas

Drone footage gives your video a professional edge. What better way to showcase your company’s influence than aerial shot of the city you’re based in? If you want to communicate a big idea, sometimes the most effective way is an enormous shot. With the available drone footage in the Wibbitz platform, the sky is no longer the limit.

Smarter search for immediate liftoff

Finding drone footage in the Wibbitz platform is incredibly easy. For a broader approach, simply search for terms like “drone,” “aerial footage,” and “bird’s eye view.” If you want a narrower search based on location, try search terms like “aerial New York City,” “drone London,” or “aerial Tel Aviv.” Finding media through search terms like “drone ocean,” “drone forest,” and “drone desert,” is a great way to add a larger scope to your production if you do not want a specific location featured in your video.

Written by
Sam Valorose

Video Producer at Wibbitz

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