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5 ways to build thought leadership with video

By Katherine Salsgiver | Jul 25, 2019


In recent years, thought leadership has become a major focus for marketing teams, large and small. After all, developing a solid thought leadership strategy is a fantastic way to legitimize company expertise, build new and existing client relationships, and ultimately stand out from competitors.

Thought leaders have noticed — according to VidYard, 71% of “visible experts” utilize video to connect with their audiences through their various marketing channels. Seeking out thought leadership ideas for your own business? Read on to learn how five of our own customers are utilizing video in their content strategy to establish their brand as a leader in their space – and not only grab the attention of audiences, but keep them coming back for more.

1. Focus on educating, not promoting

As one of the leading insurance groups in America, the Hanover Insurance Group has built a reputation as a trusted provider for homeowners and businesses alike. To help maintain such a positive relationship with their clients, Hanover turns to effective thought leadership marketing tactics like those found in the video below.

In the video, Hanover reveals the top insurance claims submitted by homeowners and provides tips on ways to prevent them from occurring. Their dual focus on education and prevention positions themselves not only as dependable insurance providers, but as partners in fighting against unexpected crises. This aligns the goals of both company and customer — to avoid dangerous and expensive home emergencies — all while further validating their well-earned reputation.

2. Create content that your audience needs

Dr. Oz is a renowned medical professional and leader in the wellness industry. He utilizes video not only to effectively connect with his online audience, but to solidify his status as a thought leader in the field. To do this, he taps into his audience’s interests and creates thought leadership videos that directly address their needs.

In the following video created with Wibbitz, Dr. Oz turns his attention to the Keto diet, which has seen a recent spike in popularity. By jumping on a trending topic like Keto, Dr. Oz lends his expertise to the conversation and proves himself as a go-to source for diet and health news. When combined with his use of vibrant media assets and a relatively casual tone, Dr. Oz solidifies himself as a trustworthy and approachable leader in the health field.

3. Place your team among the experts

SimilarWeb is a market intelligence platform that provides businesses with web analytics services critical to staying ahead of the competition. Given their focus on helping companies make better business decisions, SimilarWeb naturally falls into the role of thought leader to its audience. This heavily impacts their marketing approach, including their video strategy.

In the following video, SimilarWeb shares travel industry predictions from some of the top leaders in the field, including TripAdvisor and Amazon. By providing industry forecasts from these travel titans, SimilarWeb positions themselves among trusted names and reaffirms themselves as a reliable source for insights on market trends. Their call-to-action brings home their message — companies can be bolder and make better predictions by using SimilarWeb’s tools.

4. Flaunt your team’s knowledge

A multinational law firm representing some of the most influential organizations in the world, Shearman & Sterling prides itself on deeply understanding their clients’ industries and providing helpful insights. Shearman’s video strategy works to solidify their reputation as a thought leader by creating content that showcases their team’s expertise in topics of importance to current and potential clients.

In the following video, Shearman announces the release of their most recent Antitrust Annual Report and provides a quick overview of key takeaways. Not only does the video drive views to the report, but acts as a reminder of their deep knowledge of antitrust policy. Given that nearly all industries are impacted by these laws, the video successfully conveys the value of Shearman’s findings and allows them to flex their mastery.

5. Cross-promote your social channels

While he is best known for his seminars and self-help books, Tony Robbins has also enlisted a great content team – who, by developing thought leadership content for a variety of channels to reach his followers in new ways, has transformed his name into a self-help brand.

To publicize the newest season the Tony Robbins Podcast, Robbins’ team created the following Wibbitz video. In the video, his team quickly establishes Robbins’ deep experience in motivational speaking and uses high-energy video clips from seminars to establish the podcast’s uplifting tone. In all, the video is a wonderful example of how to use one’s thought leader status to effectively drive an audience to entirely new social streams.

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