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Wibbitz partners with Rivet & AP to provide multimedia news offering for digital publishers

Nov 14, 2018


Video created with Rivet audio story & Wibbitz video creation technology

With news consumption shifting to digital screens and platforms, audiences don’t want to just be told about the news. They want to see it, hear it, engage with it, trust it. Of course, keeping up with this demand for multisensory content is no small feat for news publishers, and the never-ending news cycle is not going to slow down anytime soon. That’s why we built the Wibbitz platform in the first place – to help publishers quickly and easily reach audiences through the power of visual storytelling.

As of today, we’re proud to join forces with two more leaders in media and innovation, the Associated Press and Rivet Smart Audio, to introduce a brand new multimedia news offering for digital storytellers – one that leverages our powerful video creation technology, Rivet’s audio production capabilities, and AP’s unrivaled news footage. You can read the full press release here.

“We start with great audio stories and, working with AP’s media assets and the Wibbitz video creation platform, we’re able to quickly produce multimedia content that can be watched on social media, programmed on broadcast television, streamed to smart TVs or consumed as a podcast. We see this partnership as a game-changer, increasing the value and reach of our content.”

– John MacLeod, Founder and CEO at Rivet Smart Audio

Through our new partnership, video coverage for every major news story – combined with top-quality media, tightly integrated audio, and an optional layer of text – will be readily available to purchase as a single enhanced package. This content can then be distributed across a wide range of platforms for watching, listening and reading. Head to Rivet’s website to watch a few examples of the Video Stories made possible by the Wibbitz-Rivet-AP collaboration.

These video packages are currently available for AP customers to purchase through AP’s Video Hub marketplace. Stay tuned as we start rolling them out to other syndication channels, digital media companies and out-of-home consumer-facing platforms!

“It’s exciting to see innovators like Wibbitz and Rivet collaborate and add value to our content. This new format is a triple threat because it can engage consumers with sights, sounds and words.”

– Jim Kennedy, Senior Vice President for Strategy at AP