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How to quickly turn your blog post into a video script

By Bobby Godas | Jul 18, 2019


It’s no secret that video is the best performing content on the internet – and if you’re a content or social media marketer, then you probably already know how important video is to your brand’s success. According to Buzzsumo, the most engaging Facebook post in 2018 was video. In fact, at Wibbitz, our Facebook marketing videos made 144% more impressions than shared links last quarter.

Despite the incredible impact of video content, video is still a new medium for most brands, and it can be hard to recognize where and when video can maximize your content efforts. In our experience, repurposing content into video is always the best place to start – so we decided to start a new From Old to Video series, where we’ll show you the many ways to create top-performing videos from existing content.

In the first post of our series, we’ll help you create an engaging video around one of your top-performing blog posts, using your blog as a pre-written video script.

Identify the goal:

Before you jump into creating your video, determine whether the original blog is educating, inspiring or entertaining your audience. It’s important to carry the same tonality into your video. This might also impact your video format and where you post your finished video.

Title Videos

Most brands have felt the effect of Facebook’s algorithm changes on their organic and paid content reach. However, Facebook has disclosed that their new video ranking algorithm prioritizes original video content. That’s why simply turning your blog title into a short video or gif is a great way to improve your content reach.


Blog Summary Videos

The more obvious way to turn a blog into a video, is to create a blog summary. This format is definitely the most flexible, but can also be the most challenging. The trickiest part is determining how much information to give away while keeping your audience’s 8 second attention span. Make sure to keep your video short and informative. Try following this storyboard:

Scene 1 – Start with the title or a question
Scene 2 – One stat
Scene 3 – Header 1 (Only give away your blog headers)
Scene 4 – Header 2
Scene 5 – Header 3
Scene 6 – Wrap it up with a CTA back to the full blog

Quick Stat Videos

Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than any other types of content. Quick stat videos from blogs are a great way to start a conversation and spark interest in your blog content.

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Quote Videos

Humanize your blog content by showcasing people in your video recaps. Putting people at the forefront of your video content gives your audience the opportunity to connect with your brand authentically. In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked every member of the Wibbitz team to share their thoughts about women in tech.

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