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The best Instagram video lengths for your posts, Stories, and IGTV

By Jonathan Villa | Sep 27, 2019


With Instagram starting to add more video-centric features, it’s time to learn how to create the best video to keep your current audience engaged and grow your following. Between video on the Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, and IGTV, it can be easy to get jumbled up on what would be the best way to maximize your reach and engagement on Instagram. In our latest report, we explore the behaviors Instagram users have with video, with some amazing findings.

Here are some insights and examples that show you exactly how long your Instagram video should be.

Instagram Feed

Max video length:

Up to 60 seconds

Average time spent per video:

6-10 seconds

Videos on the Instagram Feed can be up to a minute long, and can be chock full of information that appeals to both your current audience and people who aren’t normally familiar with your account. That said, the average person will only watch about 3-10 seconds, just around their own 8-second attention span. Listicle videos have a great balance between informational and engaging, all while attracting broader audiences. You can also upload a snippet of a longer video to lead viewers to your IGTV page.

This Dr. Oz video is a great example of a listicle video that provides a viewer with quick and easy steps to reach a goal. In the first few seconds, the video hooks a viewer with a well-known brand, and cycles through scenes and media quick enough to never get boring.

Instagram Stories

Max video length:

Up to 15 seconds

Average time spent per video:

15-30 seconds

Instagram stories can go up to 15 seconds, but you should ALWAYS get your message out as quickly as possible – because the average viewer will watch about 40-67% of it before they tap on to the next Story.

Normally, Instagram stories would lead to something else on your profile, be it a profile visit, link click, or swipe up. With that in mind, it’s important to hook your audience in, before they decide to swipe to the next story. This Instagram Story Snippet video created by the Setlist Live team acts as a teaser to all the behind-the-scenes video footage on their website.


Max video length:

Up to 60 minutes

Average time spent per video:

3-10 seconds

Instagram’s newest video feature, IGTV, allows for uploads of up to an hour – but keep in mind that most people are only watching the first 15-30 seconds (AKA not even 1% of the max video length on this side of the platform). Since it’s still a new feature, many users are still trying to navigate it and get the most out of the feature. Since IGTV has such a high max video length, be sure to be as creative as possible to hook the attention of viewers in the first 30 seconds, and get them to commit to the full time.

Leafly’s video below, though it’s only 30 seconds, immediately hooks attention with its unique slow-motion shots and extreme close-ups.

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