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B2B marketing strategies for connecting with people at work with video

By Erik Mathes | Oct 23, 2019


B2B marketing strategies need to involve videos — that’s a given. But with audiences becoming more demanding for instant answers, you can’t expect just any video pitch to connect.

One of the best ways we’ve found to boost B2B lead generation is to target people at work. Sure, you may scoff at the idea of approaching a demographic that’s increasingly being asked to do more in their exceedingly busy workdays.

But when you consider the number of hours that people spend in the office, at coworking spaces, and at home earning a living, it would be a massively wasted opportunity not to target them.

The key is to have B2B marketing strategies that involve a strong video pitch for appealing to someone in the midst of a work-related query, project, pain point, or dilemma. That way, you instantly connect with people by providing the solutions that they seek, earning trust and boosting your business’ potential for future conversions.

Of course, there are other ways to appeal to busy people at work, and we’ll share them below, along with B2B sales pitch examples for inspiration.

1. Share videos around news stories that cover leaders in their space

People typically spend at least a couple hours of their work week catching up on industry news. Which is why some of the most successful B2B marketers spend a lot of their time covering (and optimizing) news videos around the industries their target audiences work in – ultimately, to establish their brand as a thought leader in the space.

Marketscale, a leading agency that focuses primarily on B2B customers, took a couple steps ahead… by launching over 15 publications dedicated to the niche industries their various B2B clients work in. Their team uses Wibbitz to scale video coverage around each industry across each of their publications (and, of course, to create videos for their clients’ own B2B marketing strategies). Take a peek at this video MarketScale’s team made for their Food & Beverage industry publication to cover a story about McDonald’s:

Then, check out our case study with MarketScale to discover how their team is using Wibbitz to “transform blogs to video blogs at scale, with a turn around time that just wasn’t possible before.”

2. Capture people’s attention when they need a break from work

Yes, it’s great when your video pitch can provide vital answers to pressing questions, but sometimes you simply need to make people laugh.

Breaks are becoming an ever more emphasized part of the workday. And with social media being the first place many of us go for a respite, making video with viral potential that put your brand or product into the spotlight are essential B2B marketing strategies for success.

As these videos generally fall into your top-of-the-funnel content, you can rely on them for B2B lead generation only up to a certain degree, as they may not lure the most quality prospects your way.

Still, producing a video that blows up can be a boon for your business in ways that go far beyond leads.

Generate a big enough buzz, and you could have your video picked up by media outlets looking for newsworthy stories, thrusting your company into the public eye in a massive way that people at work won’t be able to avoid when on break – or procrastinating their afternoons away.

We know people today engage with video more than any other form of content – 20% of people will read a blog, but 80% of people will watch a video. So there was a huge opportunity to transform how we were creating content and what we were creating. Instead of writing long-form blogs, we could create video blogs that analytics showed had a significantly higher rate of engagement.”

– Emily Rector, Director of Operations at MarketScale

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20% of people will read a blog,
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Consider the below video produced by BNP Paribas highlighting their new Digital Augmented Real Estate technology.

This groundbreaking tech enables people to have meetings across the world with holograms and mixed reality, thus revolutionizing real estate sales as we know it.

By promoting the innovative activities it’s pioneering, BNP Paribas can pull in the interest of journalists who will want to share this information because it will make them look like they’re on top of their beat.

On top of that, it falls into the category of indirect B2B sales pitch examples since it can attract a vast group of forward-thinking business people who could benefit from this advancement without coming off as salesy.

3. Ensure your video pitch answers a relevant question

If you know the most pressing questions that your most coveted customer segments want answered, congratulations: You’ve got the ammo to create a bounty of B2B sales videos bound to captivate the people with the highest potential to convert.

Sound B2B marketing strategies aim to inform, educate, and empower prospects and customers so they’re confident your offering is the right solution for them.

So, if you can tie your video pitch to a popular query searched by an ideal buyer persona, you’ve got the makings of a great mid-funnel B2B lead generation machine.

Build your content or put it on a landing page with video SEO best practices in mind so that its optimized for being found by people searching for answers to the problem you’re solving, and you’ll be able to organically generate quality traffic.

These visitors can easily turn into leads if they’re impressed with your B2B sales pitch examples, and you can win customers without being overly direct.

Figuring out the most organic way to connect your company’s product or service to a video pitch is perhaps the most creative component of your B2B marketing strategies.

Consider the following video from SimilarWeb that highlights a completely different company, Levi Strauss, and answers the question of why people should think about investing in the Levi’s IPO.

This is done by focusing on digital insights you’re able to glean with SimilarWeb’s suite of web analytics tools — something that curious potential investors who do diligent research (a coveted customer segment) may not have known was possible when stumbling upon the Levi’s video pitch.

After watching this short, digestible video, quality leads learn that you can get insights into more companies (ones that they may want to invest in!) by going to SimilarWeb and performing analyses. Check out our case study with SimilarWeb to learn more about their approach to video!

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