MarketScale B2B video marketing agency

How MarketScale creates videos for 75+ B2B marketing clients and 14 industry publications

MarketScale is a leading B2B marketing agency that supports leading businesses like Segway, Samsung, Bose and Peerless with the creation, distribution and analysis of premium B2B marketing content.



Clients supported with custom-branded video creation



Clients provided with Monthly Data Report videos



Increase in total videos published
Emily Rector, Director of Operations at MarketScale
“We started using Wibbitz right when that type of social video format became the norm – when you’re scrolling through Facebook, and you stop to watch a minute-long clip. So it was really current when we started using it, and we were immediately able to have these quick videos out there, with such a quick turn-around time. We’ve always created videos for our clients, but that speed was never possible before.”
Emily Rector, Director of Operations at MarketScale

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MarketScale B2B video marketing agency

MarketScale's Video Story

MarketScale is an agency that handles the creation, distribution and analysis of premium B2B marketing content – everything from videos and infographics to blogs and case studies. MarketScale also runs a B2B publication that covers events, news and thought leadership for 14 different industries, which serves as a distribution channel for their clients’ marketing efforts as well as their own. So while their in-house video team was already tasked with creating highly-produced videos for each and every client, MarketScale’s Operations team understood an emerging need for more digestible, short-form video – the sort of content that grabs the attention of busy B2B audiences, especially on channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. And they needed a way to quickly turn around that content – for both their clients, and their owned-and-operated industry publications – without enlisting the help of their busy in-house editors.

Custom-branded videos for every client campaign

“We’re able to really crank out a lot of videos, but we’re also using custom fonts and different styles for each client. Plus, it’s really easy to go back and forth with edits without using our in-house video team.”

Thought leadership content for every industry

“We have 14 industry publications and Twitter accounts where we distribute client videos and our own original content. Wibbitz has helped us get more views, and more people invested in them.”

Shareable analytics reports for all client stakeholders

“We use Wibbitz to create a monthly analytics video for every single client. It’s a great way to show Marketscale’s value in a quick, visual way, and they can easily share it with their boss to show off their progress.”
“We’re definitely creating more video for more clients, it’s just at a different scale, on a different level. And our clients love the Wibbitz videos – they use them for tradeshow events, blog posts, anything really. We can turn them around really quickly, customize them to their brand… and most of them weren’t making those kinds of videos before.”
Emily Rector, Director of Operations at MarketScale
- Emily Rector, Director of Operations

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