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5 ways to promote health & wellness through video

Mar 14, 2019


Because of the health and wellness industry’s success (it’s expected to grow another nine billion in overall revenue by 2020 in the U.S.), marketers have to remain competitive. As more and more businesses enter this lucrative field it will be harder to stand out. That’s where video marketing comes in.

When it comes to making health and wellness videos part of your marketing strategy, having inspiration is crucial. Videos that are short, informative, and motivating help audiences aspire to live healthier lifestyles.

Plus, promoting health and wellness topics will further establish your brand as a thought leader within the industry. Which is something you’ll want to get a head start on now.

Use these examples from leading brands like Dr. Oz, Shape, and Susan B. Komen to help you create your own impactful health and wellness video content.

Give practical advice

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is dedicated to helping women cope with and prevent this disease. In this example created in the Wibbitz platform, the brand lays out four very easy and actionable steps towards breast self-awareness. Notice how they use images and text overlays to clearly deliver the information in this bite-size 30-second video.

Interview unexpected guests

In this health and wellness video marketing example, insurance brand AETNA has an interesting take on what we normally think of what it comes to these topics. They interview Jay Tacket, an expert in workspace design. You might be wondering, how are these two related?

Turns out, Jay Tacket’s theory on design is based in wellness. As Tacket says in the video, a well-designed workplace can contribute to overall happiness and health. This unexpected guest makes for one memorable (and educational) video.

Showcase hot trends

Shape Magazine is known for its articles on workout routines, but this video created with Wibbitz takes things to a whole new level. The clip features one of NYC’s toughest workout classes.

In this wellness marketing example, we see images of women working ropes, pushing sleds, and taking a dip in their ice tub post workout. Fueled by its energetic and upbeat music, the visually interesting red-lit studio makes for great video content.

One of NYC's Toughest Workouts: Tone House

If you're looking for a crazy intense workout that will take you out of your comfort zone Tone House is the place for you. Tag a daredevil. 💪

Posted by SHAPE on Monday, November 12, 2018


Raise awareness

Smoking causes one in five deaths every year – an important fact that we are all now aware of, thanks to this great health and wellness video example that the Dr. Oz team created in the Wibbitz platform.

As part of November 15th’s Great American Smokeout PSA, the health expert shared this video on his Twitter account. Filled with interesting facts and motivational messaging, the Dr. Oz brand may just have inspired some people to quit smoking with the help of video marketing.

Tour your facilities

In their Instagram Story Highlight series, Forward walks patients through what their typical check-in process looks like. Since what they’re doing for the primary care world is so radical, it helps to give prospects a clue as to what they can expect.

Watch as one visitor checks in using only a pin number, receives a full body scan analysis, and gets their blood drawn painlessly in less than 20 minutes.