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6 tips for financial & legal marketers to differentiate your firm through video

By Erik Mathes | Oct 15, 2019


If your job is marketing finance or law, you may feel like you’ve got it tougher than marketers in other industries. With these sectors so heavily regulated, and with so many established, big-time firms within both fields, some strategies are more efficient and effective than others when creating legal and financial education content.

While some financial and law firm marketing teams are still slogging away at blogging and wasting their budgets on paid ads that people rarely click, savvy firms are shifting their focus to the medium of the future: Video. With advancements in tech, the price of producing professional-quality videos has dropped significantly. More importantly, it’s never been simpler for teams marketing finance or law to create video clips in-house.

Still, there needs to be a sound set of strategies behind content marketing for law firms and financial institutions that goes deeper than discussing your services or products. For maximum efficacy, firms should create videos that differentiate it by featuring the people and philosophies behind the practice.

Here are six ways to start using video to do just that, without breaking the bank or taking up more of your team’s bandwidth.

1. Humanize your firm by showing causes you support

These days, it’s important for companies to appear more human, and one of the best ways to do so is to show what causes your firm supports. By telling stories about individuals within your firm and letting them speak to their beliefs, you’ll endear the company to like-minded people who may choose your firm to do business with, simply based on having a connection to the same cause.

BNP Paribas does a great job of marketing finance without being salesy by highlighting their work in supporting microfinance institutions in the video below. By showing how the firm helps vulnerable people and communities across the world with strategic lending for humanitarian projects, the firm’s financial education content distinguishes itself from competitors that fail to focus on these issues.

In a similar vein, Univest showcases its involvement in the local community in the video below. By emphasizing the banking, insurance, and investment firm’s charitable donations, employee volunteering efforts, and educational endeavors, Univest comes off as more approachable and people-oriented, traits that don’t always shine through in financial education content.

2. Recruit new talent to your team

Finance and law firm marketing goes beyond attracting and nurturing clients, as your videos can also be used to recruit new employees. Never before have people had so much leverage over potential employers, but savvy firms can bolster their recruitment efforts with videos that show prospective hires what they could gain if they join the team.

Winston & Strawn LLP created the clip below to showcase their District Attorney Secondment Program, which is targeted to mid-level associates with a passion for trial work. Not only do viewers learn how this program can accelerate their law careers, they also get to hear firsthand from attorneys who completed the program about the positive impact it had on their development.

3. Provide valuable information to earn viewers’ trust

Video content marketing for law firms and financial institutions is also a powerful medium for building trust with your audience. By providing value to viewers – and not expecting or asking for anything in return – you’ll create goodwill with people who will remember your firm when they could actually use its products or services.

GO Banking Rates created the following video as part of a financial education content campaign that teaches people how to find no-fee ATMs – and that some banks will reimburse these fees.

4. Showcase your firm’s best pro bono work

Winston & Strawn LLP created another law firm marketing video for a different purpose: to showcase their pro bono work related to LGBTQIA issues. By highlighting how they provided legal services to the Tyler Clementi Foundation which helps combat bullying, supported transgender, gender nonconforming, and non-binary individuals in changing their legal names, and fought to win asylum for persecuted people all over the world, Winston & Strawn distinguishes itself within a massive sea of competitors whose names often sound similar and where it’s not always easy to tell firms apart.

5. Announce and promote events your firm is hosting

Content marketing for law firms and financial institutions can also play off real-world events you throw. Shearman & Sterling created this short promotional video in the Wibbitz platform that announced and shared details about the 2nd Annual Women General Counsel Forum they hosted in 2019.

Not only is this incredibly simple law firm marketing to plan and execute, it also offers insight into the company’s values, philosophy, and mindset for potential new hires.

Plus, you can create recap videos of your event that attendees can share to show credibility – and entice those who missed out to attend the next one.

6. Highlight your firm’s accolades and stats

Shearman & Sterling also used the Wibbitz platform to create the short video below about being named the M&A Group of the Year by legal publication Law360. This was the perfect opportunity to drop in some relevant stats about the firm, including the number of attorneys, global offices, and M&A deals advised on during the year.

Videos like this exemplify how content marketing for law firms and financial institutions is taking shape for the 2020s. And with the right tools at your disposal, your firm can lighten the bandwidth of your marketing team – and transform its content strategy for the future.


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