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5 ways for internal communications teams to connect with employees through video

Jul 15, 2019


Employee communication is a sticky subject for many internal and corporate communications professionals. But why? Turns out, most emails, instant messages and intranet platforms fail to engage employees.

Here are some ways internal communications teams can leverage video to keep employees updated and connected through email, social media, their intranet platforms. In addition to explaining some internal communications best practices, we’ll also look at a real world example.

1. Tease stories to drive interest

As you can see in the video example below, Bertelsmann’s corporate communications team used Wibbitz to summarize the latest volume in their ‘What’s Your Story’ book series. This entertaining video clocked in at just over 45 seconds. They kept the content simple but interesting by introducing what the new series entails, where their employees can find it, and who was featured this time around – the one and only Michelle Obama.

2. More is more

Use a leading video creation tool to share more content consistently and often. As Markus Harbaum, Head of Internal Communications at Bertelsmann told us, “We’ve always worked to increase the amount of video content created for our employees over the years, but nothing compares to the boost we’ve seen since working with Wibbitz. It was the perfect gift for BENET’s 20th anniversary!”

CASE STUDY: How Bertelsmann connects with their global employees through mobile, multilingual video content

3. Document events

Sometimes your employees aren’t able to attend important live events in your industry. But through the use of video, companies are able to give their remote teams an inside peek at the experience. In addition to seminars, conferences, and fairs, brands can also use video from recorded internal meetings. This kind of footage will help engage, remind, or share important information across a variety of channels.

4. Have fun!

First, remember to keep video communications short and sweet by only using the most important or interesting information about the topic. Second, instead of using photo slideshows, be sure to give your audience a lot to look at in that small time frame. And finally, layer in fun facts, emojis, and energetic music over the whole thing to make it more enjoyable to watch. A sense of play will go a long way.

5. Empower employees

Whether it’s providing free skills training or rounding out an onboarding process, video communication helps educate and empower remote employees. They can leverage this knowledge with new or existing customers and find new ways to achieve their full potential. Enrichment programs like this are also a great talking point for when prospects first inquire about your brand.

6. Get creative

In addition to the other content we’ve mentioned, you can maximize your internal communications strategy with a little creativity. Videos have a wide range of uses. From publicly rewarding a successful team effort to providing visual instructions to customizing the onboarding experience, the possibilities are endless. No matter what you choose, you’ll be yet another step closer to improving company culture through stellar internal communications practices.

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