Wibbitz FAQs

It’s simple! You can start by requesting a demo below, and we’ll reach out to schedule a time to walk you through the platform. After that, you’re free to take Wibbitz for a test drive. Depending on which plan you pick, you’ll learn the ropes with a hands-on training session or a self-guided tour. Wibbitz was designed to make video storytelling easy, so anyone can start creating videos in minutes. No prior experience necessary!

Nope. Wibbitz is an online platform, so you can access your account through any computer with an internet connection. There’s no need to download or install any software.

Our media library contains over 110 million licensed videos, photos, soundtracks, and GIFs. Quickly search the latest editorial footage from press companies like Getty, AP, Reuters, and Bloomberg, or high-end stock assets from providers like Storyblocks, Pond5, and Unsplash. All of our users can access the media library, and upload all of their own assets with no storage limits or fees.

All Wibbitz plans include unlimited videos, so you can create as many as you’d like, as often as you’d like. Need some inspiration? Try Storyboards, templates made by our in-house team, which give you the perfect starting point for the most engaging types of videos.

Share them with the world, of course! Your videos will render in full HD and can be exported to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, OTT, and more. You can also convert any project to a square, landscape, or vertical orientation.

Publishers typically produce videos for local or international news, entertainment, tech, sports, politics, lifestyle or finance to name a few.

Marketers and agencies create videos such as product explainers, social ads, customer testimonials, and internal corporate communications.

Our flexible templates make it easy to create a video for any situation or platform.

Yes, you can implement your brand logos, watermarks, and colors as you see fit. Depending on your plan, you may be able to implement logos, watermarks, and colors for multiple brands, and upload your own brand fonts, custom branded transitions, and more.

Wibbitz was designed to make video creation quick and easy, so a Wibbitz video can be created in a matter of minutes. In fact, the average creation time for a Wibbitz video is 5 minutes and 12 seconds.

Wibbitz is a video creation platform for businesses. Our customers are publishers, marketers, brands, and agencies from a wide variety of industries. Some of our most loyal users are Bloomberg, A&E Networks, the Seattle Seahawks, NBC, Tripadvisor, The Weather Channel, and Forbes.

While we designed our platform to be quick and easy for you to use on your own, we do offer Creative Services as an add-on to our plans. Additionally, all plans come with access to Top Stories; ready-made videos about the day’s biggest trending topics that are yours to rebrand and share.

Our goal is not to replace video team! Your in-house video experts can focus on what they do best: design longer videos with complex after effects.

Wibbitz helps your team create high-quality, short form videos without relying on a production team. Our customers find that this workflow helps them scale their video production efforts effectively. Wibbitz templates are easy to customize, so anyone on your team can create videos that are complementary and consistent to what your in-house experts are already making.

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