Improving your website’s performance with video

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  • Wibbitz + SEMRush Webinar: Improving your website's performance with video

Make an impact with video on every page of your site.

For most of today’s consumers, a company’s website is the most critical step in the customer journey. It’s often the first place a person will go to learn more about your solution, and the last place that will ultimately impact their decision to buy.

In this webinar, we discuss the power that video can have on a website’s user experience at every stage of the customer journey, and provide tried-and-true video practices that will help you improve organic traffic, time on site, and conversions across every page of your website.

Wibbitz + SEMRush Webinar: Improving your website's performance with video

Hosted by

Hilary Kay, CMO at Wibbitz

Hilary manages global marketing and communications at Wibbitz. Since joining the company in 2015, Hilary has lead the US market launch, developed and diversified the customer base to new market segments, and consistently contributed over 50% of annual revenue from marketing channels.

Hilary KayChief Marketing Officer

Luke Sherran, Director at Falkon Digital
Falkon Digital

Luke started Falkon Digital in 2009, a video production agency that specializes in YouTube video marketing strategies.​ Luke also runs his own personal YouTube channel, which has gained millions of organic views using the same principals and strategies that he recommends. ​

Luke SherranDirector
Falkon Digital

Ai Addyson-Zhang, Educator, Founder at Classroom Without Walls
Classroom Without Walls

Ai is the founder of Classroom Without Walls, an independent & progressive school that teaches young adults the essential skills, knowledge, and mindset that they need to become future-ready. ​Her entrepreneurial career started with video production, which has helped her build brand awareness and trust, and grow a business.​

Ai Addyson-Zhang​Founder
Classroom Without Walls​

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