How Wibbitz supports video production for over 50 of USA TODAY Sports Media Group’s brands

with Christopher Pirrone, General Manager of Sports Digital Properties at USA TODAY


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USA TODAY Sports Media Group is a multimedia powerhouse that reaches over 63 million sports fans across 50+ national, local and interest-specific sports sites – each of which provides exclusive coverage around the teams, athletes and stories their audiences care about.

USA TODAY Sports videos powered by Wibbitz

By providing our editors with an easy to use UI and an efficient video creation platform, Wibbitz has helped expand our efforts to engage our audiences with visual storytelling. The graphics and text overlays are also perfect for storytelling across social platforms where many users prefer to engage with sound-off video content. Neal Coolong NFL Wire Sites Editor at USA TODAY

USA TODAY’S Video Story

USA TODAY Sports Media Group is the parent company of over 50 specific-interest brands, including For the Win and the Big Lead for hardcore sports fans, Hoops Hype for self-proclaimed NBA nerds, tons of Wire sites for specific teams’ fanbases (32 NFL, 7 NBA, 12 college teams), plus a couple of player-focused sites for the big guys like LebronWire and AlonzoWire.

Keeping up with every league, game, team and player was challenging enough for each of the brands’ small editorial teams – doing so with high-quality, real time video coverage was seemingly impossible.

In order to support continued expansion of its targeted sports sites, USA TODAY Sports Media Group needed a scalable video solution that would distinguish their brands from their competitors and enhance their content offering for both audiences and advertisers – without taking away valuable time from their busy editors.


First-to-break coverage for every local game

“Once we figure out a topic, or a news story breaks, it takes 10-15 minutes for it to get on the page. We just beat everyone to news with video. That’s pretty cool to be able to say.”

Simplified creation workflow for maximum results

“I personally create an average of 250 videos a month with Wibbitz. I just feel comfortable in the platform. The layout is super clean, everything makes a lot of sense.”

Easily repurposed content for every site & platform

“We use the Duplicate and Rebrand tools to cover events that impact multiple brands. For the NFL draft, it just took 3 of us to cover all 256 picks, for all 32 teams, in 5 minutes”

Editors across our owned and operated sites have greatly expanded their use of video by leveraging the Wibbitz platform to create highly engaging video content with graphic images and text overlays. Wibbitz has really helped us to increase our video presence, increase video revenue and engage our fans with quality video. Christopher Pirrone General Manager of Sports Digital Properties at USA TODAY