Content Marketing

How SimilarWeb built a ‘channel-agnostic’ B2B video marketing strategy

with Ethan Chernofsky, Director of Corporate Marketing at SimilarWeb


Average monthly video views on their LinkedIn


Increase in monthly videos published across all platforms


Increase in quarterly video views overall

SimilarWeb has become the go-to tool for millions of marketers, analysts, and business leaders looking to compete in today’s data-driven ecosystem. Their robust market intelligence platform provides data that is impacting every single industry, for business of all sizes, on a daily basis.

Video marketing powered by Wibbitz

There was no comparison. What we were getting was so much richer and more flexible, and it led to a significantly higher quality of content being produced. It was an obvious choice for us and the results speak for themselves. Ethan Chernofsky Director of Corporate Marketing at SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb’s Video Story

By using infographics and other rich data visualizations, SimilarWeb’s marketing team had already positioned the brand as a thought leader and built an impressive social following. But in order to continue engaging their audience, they realized that they would need to incorporate a lot more video into their content arsenal.

That’s why they sought out a video solution that would allow their team of marketers to tell beautiful and timely stories that would resonate across each and every promotional channel.



Timely and relevant

“We can identify a story in our data and turn it into a video in a few hours. That allows us to be a much more reliable source for the audiences we’re engaging with.”


“Wibbitz is channel-agnostic. It enables us to adapt to switches in distribution metrics for different social channels without having to rebuild our approach from scratch.”

Professional quality

“People are really excited to see the content we’re able to produce on such a high level. Customers are sharing it and other marketers are asking us how we do our video.”

We looked into some other online video platforms, but they didn’t give us the quality and customization that we needed. We didn’t like the idea of losing creative control. Ethan Chernofsky Director of Corporate Marketing at SimilarWeb