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How REVOLT TV reaches music lovers across every platform with video

with Luke Yun, Director of Digital Strategy at REVOLT TV


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REVOLT TV was founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs as a multi-platform destination for music lovers. The brand’s unique voice, style, and knowledge of hip hop culture has attracted a loyal community of over 50 million young audiences across their cable network, website, Snapchat channel, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Through partnering with Wibbitz, REVOLT has been able to create dozens of videos around the stories their audience cares about – customized to their brand, formatted for millennials’ favorite platforms – within minutes.

In order to expand their video team’s bandwidth, REVOLT’s team works closely with our own in-house editors to create square and vertical videos for each trending story they cover. By delivering music news, polls, quizzes and more in the video formats that work best, REVOLT has been able to further establish itself as a leader in the music industry, and actively participate in the real-time conversations that happen every day on social media. We’re proud that REVOLT has chosen to partner with Wibbitz as they continue to be a driving force behind hip hop culture, and music at large.

For our team’s daily workflow, we literally kick off the day with Wibbitz now. And we know that it’s a tool we can go back to every hour, on the hour, whenever we have things that we want to break… it’s a really quick, easy, painless way to get great content out there. Luke Yun Director of Digital Strategy at REVOLT TV

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