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How Review-Journal strengthens the Vegas community through powerful video storytelling

with Harrison Keely, Director of Digital Media at Review-Journal


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Over the last century, Las Vegas Review-Journal has remained the area’s news outlet of record by fulfilling an important mission: to improve the lives of Southern Nevadans by building a stronger community through information, insights and inspiration. In 2017, video became a key part of that mission – especially following one of the most tragic events in history on 1 October.

Review-Journal video powered by Wibbitz

When something big happens here like it did on 1 October, not only is video key to telling the truth and showing people what really happened, but it’s key to doing it quickly because misinformation happens at such a fast rate. And we were able to produce Wibbitz videos through the night, videos that would have otherwise taken more time. Harrison Keely Director of Digital Media at Review-Journal

Review-Journal’s Video Story

Shortly after launching their first in-house studio, hiring a team of video editors, and starting to produce original shows around local sports and politics, it became clear to the LVRJ team that video was the best way to connect with their audience, to show them what was really happening in their community.

They realized they would need a solution that would make video a daily part of Review-Journal’s workflow. A solution that, when something big happened, would help them strengthen the Vegas community through powerful video storytelling. Especially following one of the most tragic events in history – the shootings of October 1st.

Informing the local community

“With Wibbitz, we’re able to draw attention to important stories as they happen. When police caught the shooter, we had a video on it. When we realized the magnitude of this terrible event, we had a video to alert blood donors.”

Remembering the stories that matter

“Following 1 October, every person who lost their life needed to have their story told. We quickly began assembling photographs and putting them into Wibbitz videos. In a matter of 5 days, we had created 58 videos for the 58 victims.”

Capturing attention on every platform

“Our social engagement has increased enormously since using Wibbitz, on every platform. On Instagram Stories, our Snippet videos get over 100 swipe-ups, and take literally 10 seconds to make. Everyone has time for that.

“We don’t have to hunt down footage, we have exactly what we need in a moment… I have never seen it so easy to create something so good looking.” Harrison Keely Director of Digital Media at Review-Journal