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How video monetization provider Pepsia creates hundreds of videos per month for their clients

with Sophie Bizot, Chief Editor at Pepsia

How video monetization provider Pepsia creates hundreds of videos per month for their clients


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Pepsia is a monetized video platform that provides editorial content for its users. Each month, their in-house editorial team creates videos for over 100 categories. From sports to tips on maintaining your fish tank, the catalog helps niche publishers engage their audiences and generate revenue through in-stream advertising.

Pepsia video powered by Wibbitz

Wibbitz is much faster than producing videos the traditional way. If we have a publisher that really needs a certain type of content, we always use Wibbitz. We can produce it and get it to our client faster than before. Sophie Bizot, Chief Editor at Pepsia Sophie Bizot Chief Editor at Pepsia

Pepsia’s Video Story

Tasked with consistently producing great editorial videos for over 100 categories, the team at Pepsia needed an efficient way to build and maintain a growing library of engaging content. Above all, they needed a way to meet their client base’s varied editorial needs without sacrificing quality. A more traditional approach to video production would hinder the research required for such a robust list of topics.

Since launching in 2017, Pepsia has been creating quality short-form video content with Wibbitz, on top of the longer-form interview and original video content that they were already creating in-house. The ability to create videos quickly allows Pepsia to meet the specialized needs of publishers, and create over a hundred more videos a month than they would if they were just using traditional editing tools. As a result, each niche publisher that subscribes to Pepsia gets the content they want – to generate the ad revenue they need.

By employing the creative tools in Wibbitz Studio, Pepsia produces hundreds of videos each month that are ready to drive revenue to their partners’ bottom lines. Pepsia takes pride in providing in-depth content tailored to their customers’ needs. With Wibbitz, they can meet expectations – no matter the niche – and help their publishing partners generate ad revenue with millions of views each month.

Endless options for creativity

“We love that Wibbitz allows for creativity. You can literally do whatever you want on each scene – with text, animations, transitions, etc.”

Vast media library for any topic

“The Wibbitz media library seems to just get better and better. There’s never a fear that we will have to reuse the same image or footage in multiple videos. There’s so much inside. It’s really great.


More time to focus on great stories

“With Wibbitz we have more time to research and choose topics that will appeal to our customers. We spend less time focusing on production and more on getting the best stories possible.”

Sophie Bizot, Chief Editor at Pepsia
With Wibbitz, we can produce enough content for our clients without having a huge team. Instead of having one person to write scripts, one person to shoot video, one person to edit… we can do it all with a couple of people. It’s made our lives easier for sure. Sophie Bizot Chief Editor at Pepsia