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How MOXXOR OMEGA-3 uses video to educate consumers & increase sales

with John Turner, CEO, and Sara Finder, Marketing Manager at MOXXOR (moxdirect.com)

How OMEGA-3 supplement manufacturer MOXXOR uses video to educate consumers & increase sales


Increase in monthly video production


Average monthly videos created


Higher engagement on social posts with Wibbitz videos

Founded in New Zealand in 2004, family-owned and operated MOXXOR delivers some of the most powerful OMEGA-3 supplements you can find. Sourced locally from green-lipped mussels, they boast 100% pure and natural products. MOXXOR’s global team is dedicated to improving the lives of their customers through sustainable ingredients. Communicating their passion for the health benefits of their unique OMEGA-3 supplement is an essential part of their content marketing strategy.

MOXXOR video powered by Wibbitz

We always thought about creating video, but we weren’t aware of anybody that could do it as economically, or efficiently in the way that Wibbitz has provided with their platform. John Turner, CEO at MOXXOR John Turner CEO

MOXXOR’s Video Story

The global team at MOXXOR had always considered video too expensive and inefficient for their marketing strategy. Limited human resources and the need to create content rapidly presented a barrier to producing videos in a more traditional way. But with a unique product and a passion for helping people feel healthier, the creative team at MOXXOR needed to find the most impactful way to reach more of their target audience with their content. Wibbitz was the perfect solution and helped them overcome the challenges they faced when attempting video in the past.

By taking advantage of the Wibbitz creation service, Sara Finder, Marketing Manager, is able to churn out an average of 4 videos per month. Using her deep market knowledge and familiarity with key buyer personas, MOXXOR develops ideas and topics for the Wibbitz team to produce. The low cost and quick turnaround of our service helps lessen the burden of creation on Sara and generates big returns in engagement and sales.

On average, they see between 15% and 35% more engagement on social posts that feature Wibbitz videos, versus those with just text or an image. From promotional videos that they share across social media and embed within landing pages, to lead nurture video content for their weekly newsletter, the team at MOXXOR is using video to directly impact both brand awareness and revenue for their company.


Creation services save time & resources

“With a very small staff, we are able to rely on the Wibbitz editorial team to help us create great videos each week. It’s been a huge help and we’ve had great success.”

Videos for any platform we need

“Adding new weekly video content enables our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and weekly newsletters to grow and convert.”

Media assets readily available

“Wibbitz’s immense video library enables us to deliver our message and educate our audience on how MOXXOR OMEGA-3 benefits the human body.”

Sara Finder, Marketing Manager at MOXXOR
Working with Wibbitz’s creator network has made my job easier. The video selection is excellent – contemporary footage without the cost. With Wibbitz, smaller companies are able to produce excellent video content on a much larger scale, for a more reasonable price. Something that most traditional video production agencies don’t provide. Sara Finder Marketing Manager