How MarketScale creates digestible marketing videos for a portfolio of clients and 15 publications

with Emily Rector, Director of Operations at MarketScale


Clients served with the help of the Wibbitz platform


Publications supported by Wibbitz video creation


Increase in total video blogs published on their site

MarketScale is a strategic marketing firm and publisher that supports Fortune 500 and market-leading businesses across every industry in the creation, distribution and analysis of premium B2B marketing content.

From on-site, explainer and 3D videos, to podcasts and animated infographics, MarketScale approaches content as thought leaders. They aim to educate, inform and inspire audiences in the markets they and their clients serve.

Marketscale video powered by Wibbitz

We know people today engage with video more than any other form of content – 20% of people will read a blog, but 80% of people will watch a video. So there was a huge opportunity to transform how we were creating content and what we were creating. Instead of writing long-form blogs, we could create video blogs that analytics showed had a significantly higher rate of engagement. We’ve always produced videos for our clients, but Wibbitz helped us produce a new type of video. Video that transformed blogs to video blogs at scale, and with a turn around time that just wasn’t possible before. Emily Rector Director of Operations at MarketScale

Marketscale’s Video Story

MarketScale is both a strategic marketing firm and publisher that in any given week produces both original and client video content in cities around the world – from Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Antigua, to Chicago, Cleveland and Shreveport. They facilitate not just the entire creation and production of on-site, 3D and animated video, but also its distribution and strategic analysis.

It’s safe to say that MarketScale fuels B2B when it comes to all formats of highly-produced video content. But they also recognized a vital need for digestible, short-form video that could be created quickly to replace traditional written content. And they needed a way to create it at scale, for both their clients, and their own publications – without enlisting the help of their busy editing team.

Custom-branded videos for every client campaign

“Incorporating each client’s visual identity into a video is paramount. From font and color to video and photo style, we’re able to do it all in one platform, which allows us to templatize what we’re doing. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to incorporate edits without stretching the bandwidth of our team.”

Thought leadership content for every industry

“The future of B2B marketing is publishing and with 15 industry publications, creating enough quality content is vital. Our publications distribute timely, and hold thought leading content. Wibbitz has allowed us to tell quick stories from events and other newsworthy narratives that would have traditionally been written; they’re now a video.”

Easily shareable analytics reports for all stakeholders

“Each month we provide an analytics report to every client. Instead of e-mailing them an attachment, we use Wibbitz. It’s a creative and unique way to turn what would normally be just another boring PDF lost in their inbox, into a visually engaging recap showcasing key metrics and analysis. It’s also more shareable, helping our client to easily communicate their wins across their organization.”

It used to be that all video required a production. But the mediums in which video is consumed today are changing. And audiences are consuming video at such a high rate, it makes sense to convert content that would have previously been written or never created, into a more timely, engaging and digestible video format. Wibbitz provides the technology and the platform to do just that. Zach Werblo Director of Original Content at MarketScale