Case Study

How GOLF Channel scales branded video content to connect its GOLF Advisor partners with audiences

with Brandon Tucker, Senior Managing Editor of GOLF Advisor & Courses, and Mike Lowe, Vice President/GM of Travel, Events & Experiences at Golf Channel

How GOLF Channel review site GOLF Advisor connects its audience & its partners through branded video content


Average videos created per month


Partner retention rate


Of all GOLF Advisor videos created with Wibbitz

GOLF Channel was started by golf legend Arnold Palmer in 1995 as the first 24-hour single-sport network. It has since expanded across linear and digital channels, reaching up to 80 million users around the world on a weekly basis. GOLF Advisor, GOLF Channel’s owned-and-operated courses and travel ratings and reviews site, acts as both a resource and concierge travel service for golfers to connect with their vast network of course and resort partners.

GOLF Advisor video powered by Wibbitz

GOLF Advisor wasn’t a traditionally video centric site, but it became increasingly important for our business and our partners. Wibbitz proved to be a great solution to produce engaging short-form branded video content in a cost-effective way. Our entire editorial team utilizes Wibbitz because the toolset has removed a major barrier of entry to video editing and production. The product has also proven to be a major big selling point for our regional and national sales partnership packages. Mike Lowe, Vice President/GM of Travel, Events & Experiences at GOLF Channel Mike Lowe Vice President/GM of Travel, Events & Experiences at GOLF Channel

GOLF Advisor’s Video Story

Golf is a year-round game that is played all over the world, by all ages and genders – and GOLF Channel has always been the go-to resource for golfers and fans alike to keep up with their favorite sport. For the team at GOLF Advisor, GOLF Channel’s ratings and reviews site, it’s their job to reach and engage with this global community of golfers – by providing regular updates and coverage around the hottest golf travel destinations and connecting them directly with GOLF Advisor’s top-rated course and resort partners on the site. And over the last few years, they realized that video would play an essential part in fulfilling the needs of both their audience and their partners.

In order to expand their capabilities (and without having to pull resources from their broadcast team), GOLF Advisor decided to look for a video creation solution that could be used by anyone – be it their writers, marketers, or interns. One that would help their team create professional branded videos that showcased their partners’ beautiful courses and resorts around the world without needing to send a crew to each one.

Since working with Wibbitz, they’ve been able to produce over 30 of these types of videos a month – and expand their revenue opportunities (and partner retention rate) in the process.

Video tools for any skill set, in one place

“Not everyone at GOLF Channel is a born video editor. Some are in marketing, some are interns, some are assistant editors… so Wibbitz helps us in that regard. It gives us access to Getty, the graphics, and everything else in one place without having to crack open Avid. It removes a lot of the legwork.”

More opportunities for partnership revenue & retention

“Our ability to easily produce video for our partners – especially native content that is branded and doesn’t look like advertising – has really helped us get us secure partnerships that we otherwise may not have been able to get. This capability has also helped us keep a lion’s share of our partners year over year.”

Travel destination coverage… without the travel

“Our writing team always travels to cover various golf destinations, but we can’t always send a whole camera crew. With Wibbitz, we’re able to find stock footage, package it with images and videos that we get from our partners and turn it into a professional-looking video that really brings our content to life.”

Brandon Tucker, Senior Managing Editor of Golf Advisor & Courses
We have a different type of creative license with Wibbitz and now have the capability of creating content for any platform or device quickly and easily. Our Avid/Premiere video team operates with certain time and budgetary constraints and every video has to look extremely polished, as it could air at any time. This is the expectation of the network and while we still use all of the great content that is produced from these channels, Wibbitz allows us to create video quickly and take some creative chances that are targeted at a younger demographic. Charlie Reiff Brandon Tucker Senior Managing Editor of GOLF Advisor & Courses