How FleishmanHillard helps global clients stay ahead of the curve with social video

with Ephraim Cohen, SVP & Senior Partner at FleishmanHillard



Global FleishmanHillard offices using Wibbitz for client services


FleishmanHillard clients participating in the beta phase of the partnership


Increase in video production for FleishmanHillard clients

FleishmanHillard is a globally recognized PR & digital marketing agencies that supports reputation management, consumer PR, and content creation for some of the world’s largest brands. During the beta launch of the Wibbitz platform, 5 FleishmanHillard offices brought 7 clients into the platform, resulting in a 25% increase in video content created for those clients.

Client communications powered by Wibbitz

Clients want to work with us because they know we’re going to be first in the things that really matter. These are clients who want to know where the world’s going to be next year and start working on it today. Working with Wibbitz has given us a real competitive advantage by helping our clients get better prepared for a media ecosystem that is video-first. With Wibbitz’s AI platform, every communications professional can quickly become fluent in producing video-based editorial content. Ephraim Cohen SVP & Senior Partner at FleishmanHillard

FleishmanHillard’s Video Story

“Content creation was always a core offering of ours – video content, images, 3d animation, audio, pretty much across the board. But we realized we would need a way to create multiple videos, in a single day, at low cost per video, that are about quickly conveying information, with the right imagery behind it, and do so in a social environment where you don’t have any audio. Quick turn around, words and visuals.

There’s a lot of demand for these types of videos – people want to put video-based information onto, say, LinkedIn. And we saw consumers becoming acclimated to that because that’s what news organizations were doing, and we had to learn as an industry that those types of video were needed.

So why not just work with a company that’s already doing that for news organizations? That drove our interest in Wibbitz. And that was just the ideal scenario because you already know what formats, what styles, what approaches work, and it’s going to feel the same to the end user as well. So we didn’t have to work with news organizations in that way, and could start producing that type of content ourselves.”

The type of social content that clients’ consumers are acclimated to

“Working with other video vendors, there would be a learning curve there. They’d have to learn that new style we’re looking for, customized for every client and news style. Wibbitz was built for news content optimized for a range of stories that appear on web sites and social networks.”

Higher volume of content, personalized for niche audiences

“Wibbitz has enabled the creation of fast, low cost, high-quality videos – so we can now reach audiences that were previously too small for a positive video production ROI. The volume of video we’re able to produce has gone up, along with the types of niche audiences we’re producing for.”

Cost-efficient video pitches to drive new business & maximize ROI

“Before, we only created video pitches for clients of a certain value. Now, if we have an idea for a client and don’t even know if there’s a budget, we can present it with video, because the cost is now a tenth.”

The beauty about Wibbitz is more and more often that the person managing LinkedIn is the person managing Wibbitz. And that’s really important – the more you’re making people video-literate, the more people are communicating through video. And they love it. They can sit down and do it themselves, they’re growing professionally. A platform that enables this level of video literacy is a critical tool for our firm and our industry. Ephraim Cohen SVP & Senior Partner at FleishmanHillard