How nonprofit law organization Earthjustice uses video to grow brand awareness

with Brianna Trafton, Marketing Associate at Earthjustice


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Earthjustice is a non-profit environmental law organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting a healthy and sustainable world. The law practice had used long-form, documentary-style video to shed light on important causes, but were looking to add in short-form video to spread brand awareness on social media. Wibbitz has enabled Earthjustice to easily create customizable video content, and have launched two video series so far  — “One Question with an Earthjustice Lawyer” series and internal recruitment and training.

Wibbitz is very intuitive and user-friendly so I have a lot of fun getting to be creative within our brand guidelines. It’s helped me in my role as a marketer bring new kinds of ideas to our team and start thinking about series that we can template. I think it has opened people’s minds as far as how marketing can be done through video. Brianna Trafton Marketing Associate

Earthjustice’s Video Story

Video marketing wasn’t an unfamiliar concept for Earthjustice, as before the pandemic their video strategy consisted of using documentary-style footage to raise awareness on important causes around the world. When the non-profit organization was no longer able to be out on the field to film long-form videos due to the pandemic, they realized they had an opportunity to pivot their marketing strategy and adopt new types of video content into their brand marketing strategy. 

Brianna Trafton, Marketing Associate at Earthjustice, knew as a brand marketer she needed to spread awareness on who Earthjustice is as an organization. However, she also knew the best way to do so would be through snackable, short-form videos and sharing them on a regular basis. Brianna was looking for a resource that could help her meet these goals while adhering to Earthjustice’ strict brand guidelines.

After diving into Wibbitz with zero video production experience, she mastered the online video editor to produce an average of five videos a month completely on her own. With how quick and easy it is to upload brand assets and create ready-to-go templates, Brianna was able to start an ongoing video series, “One Minute with an Earthjustice Lawyer,” that received 300 unique views per video. 


New ways to use video

“I find more and more uses cases and ideas on how to use Wibbitz.”

Custom templates to scale

“Templatizing is the key to success for us.”

Easy to stay on-brand

“We were excited that we could populate our branding into our Wibbitz account. It polishes every video we create.”

I’ve found the stock footage is super useful for us because we work on wildlands and wildlife cases, as well as clean energy and fossil fuel industry litigation and there is a huge amount of incredible stock footage to pull both video and imagery. Brianna Trafton Marketing Associate at Earthjustice