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How the city of Mesa built a scalable video strategy to align city departments & engage their local communities on social media

with Nate Kelly, Chief Digital Officer at the city of Mesa

How the city of Mesa built a scalable video strategy to align 30 city departments & engage their local communities on social media


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The city of Mesa, Arizona, is located in the greater Phoenix area, and home to more than half a million people – making it the 35th largest city in the United States. Tasked with ensuring the public is educated and well-informed, Mesa’s marketing team must find efficient ways to reach their audience. By embracing new digital technologies, they can engage their city’s residents like never before.

City of Mesa video powered by Wibbitz

We realized that we can’t have all of our departments going to our broadcast department and saying, ‘Hey, we want a video.’ That just doesn’t work. It creates a bottleneck. We needed a tool that would allow everyone on our team to create videos themselves, and also allow us to create some structure around how we wanted those videos to look. That’s where Wibbitz came into play. Nate Kelly, Chief Digital Officer at the city of Mesa Nate Kelly Chief Digital Officer

City of Mesa’s Video Story

The city of Mesa’s marketing and communications staff of about 37 is responsible for a myriad of marketing efforts like traditional PR, media outreach, social media, and content creation. While creating video content is an essential aspect of their job, it is only one of their responsibilities. Therefore, to maintain consistent quality across all facets of their work, content creation must be easy and quick. Knowing that video is the most critical tool in the modern marketer’s arsenal, Chief Digital Officer Nate Kelly began searching for a platform that would allow his staff to create. Wibbitz had the ease of use and functionality that would allow for scaling up their overall creative output.

Before adopting Wibbitz, the city of Mesa team struggled with maintaining a consistent quality of content across the organization. By centralizing all of their work in one platform, Mesa can maintain uniformity across all individual departments. The team has also used the platform to create defined video templates that speed up the production process, and encourage a quality level for every video like never before.

City of Mesa’s team is now churning out an average of 79 videos per month using Wibbitz Studio – allowing them to drive more engagement on social media, and better connect Mesa residents to the critical local issues and stories that matter most to their community.

Customizable templates for brand consistency

“We use templates to define the box within which our team has creative control.”


Quick video production, even for beginners

It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to create a video with Wibbitz – even for our team members to whom video production is super new.”

Videos optimized for every platform

“We have over 50 different social media accounts across the city. We publish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, YouTube, and our website. We use Wibbitz for them all.”

Nate Kelly, Chief Digital Officer at the city of Mesa
Video is the most consumed medium in the world – as streaming and bandwidth become more readily available, video consumption goes up. What’s important for other government agencies to understand is that video doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are tools available, like Wibbitz, that make it easy to better reach residents. Nate Kelly Chief Digital Officer