How BET bridges the gap between their linear and digital audiences through video

with Jermaine Hall, VP & Managing Editor of Digital at BET


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BET video powered by Wibbitz

We created a video about Drake that got 20 million views in three days. And I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s crazy, that took less than 20 minutes to make!’ That kind of thing just makes us really love Wibbitz. Jermaine Hall VP & Managing EditorDigital at BET

BET’s Video Story

Black Entertainment Television was launched 31 years ago by the visionary Bob Johnson. It was the first cable network to cater specifically to African American audiences, with programming that championed black representation in music, entertainment, and news reporting.

Since then, viewing habits have drastically changed – but BET’s significance to both the industry and African American households remains unrivaled.

No longer just a cable network, the brand has built a strong presence across their digital channels, where they’ve found an avenue to reach viewers much earlier in their lifestyle – and an increasing demand for short, digestible video content.

To keep up with this demand, BET’s digital team needed a more efficient way to translate the breaking stories and original programming the brand has become known for, into the short-form video format that young audiences gravitate towards – within the time that those stories matter most.

Video for every story, when it matters most

“Before Wibbitz, any news that broke after 1:00, we weren’t able to cover in video format until the next day. That’s kind of useless, right? People already know about it at that point.”

Repurposed content for social engagement​

“Wibbitz allows us to incorporate dialogue around BET network shows into a very new and engaging experience that people want to see again, see if they see themselves in it.”


Fast & intuitive creation for every skillset

“I’m not trained in video, and I’m pretty much a one-woman band. Since working with Wibbitz, I’m able to churn out some really great video content, really quickly.”

We no longer need to collect all assets, take it to our video crew, get it edited, get graphics created, and then have it encoded just to create a short video. Now, one person with access to our linear and digital archives can create a minutes-long experience in less than 30 minutes, and get it out to the public immediately. So it’s really just helped us become more efficient with every hour of the day. Ken Gibbs VP Digital Video & Social Content at BET