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Wibbitz partners with Pond5 to enrich our platform’s media library with its leading royalty-free video collection

Jun 28, 2017


Quality media is the most important aspect of an emotionally compelling news video, so video content creators must always focus on choosing diversified creative media assets to engage and resonate with their audiences. In order to enrich our comprehensive media library with more high-quality video and image choices, we are very excited to announce that Wibbitz is joining forces with Pond5, the leading online marketplace for royalty-free stock footage and media assets.

By integrating the Pond5 API into our system, the Wibbitz platform is able to provide more diversified quality media choices that will elevate the quality of the videos powered by Wibbitz. Learn more in the press release here.

“Wibbitz and Pond5 share the same vision of revolutionizing video production using innovation and technologies in visual media. We believe that Wibbitz’s portfolio of top publishers will bring more exposure to Pond5’s leading collection of media assets and to our 60,000 filmmakers and creators from around the world.”
– Jason Teichman, CEO of Pond5

Pond5 has the world’s largest royalty-free video collection, which will benefit our existing partners with lifestyle-focused publishing brands. With this partnership, we look forward to being able to help even more niche interest media brands create emotionally engaging videos around fashion, fitness, entrepreneurship, and travel.