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Wibbitz partners with BMG Production Music to enhance our library of premium licensed video soundtracks

Aug 7, 2019


A video’s soundtrack has a significant impact on its overall story. The right music can serenade and captivate a viewer, and allow them to fully connect with the message you’re trying to convey. According to research from the University of London, the mood of a song can even change a viewer’s perception of the emotions of human faces.

Thanks to our new partnership with BMGPM, one of the world’s biggest music publishers, the Wibbitz platform now has access to their catalog of 250,000 of their premium licensed video soundtracks – offering a wider variety of music options for our customers’ videos. We’ll be adding new selections of soundtracks from the BMGPM library to our platform over time, based on the needs of our customers. You can read the full press release here.

This new partnership is just another step on our quest to make online video creation as easy (and fun!) as possible. By equipping creators with premium-quality music from BMGPM, plus videos, images, and GIFs from leading providers like Getty Images and Storyful, Wibbitz makes it possible to truly capture the essence of a story in just a few minutes.

“BMGPM truly believes in the power that production music can deliver. It’s evident that Wibbitz believes the same. Our partnership will continue to champion the hidden hit makers of our library, connecting their music with brands and media companies to leverage the reach of Wibbitz videos and further establish the creative prowess of production music.”

– John Clifford, Senior Vice President of Global, Sales, Marketing and Repertoire at BMGPM

This soundtrack video by the team at Conde Nast Traveller UK uses BMGPM’s Smooth Moves from the Chillout category – perfect for creating a relaxed setting that makes Londoners crave a nice afternoon tea.

This Bloomberg video, on the other hand, uses the track Question Session from the News category to cover the recent Capital One data breach. This tune carries an urgent message behind a techno beat, in order to draw viewers’ attention to a tech story that impacts the masses.