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8 reasons you will love Apple’s news app

Oct 20, 2015


The new iOS 9 update for iPhones has an exciting new feature: the Apple News app. Consumers can now instantly find news from all of their favorite publishers in the palm of their hand. The app features a wide array of news sources from Vanity Fair to Buzzfeed. Currently there are over 50 publishers participating in the news app, up from 18 that were initially signed on in June. So how does it work? According to Troy Young from Hearst, one of Apple New’s first publisher partners, the application is not “hugely complicated.” Apple seems to have hit the mark for publishers and consumers alike. Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll be head-over-heels for this awesome new app.

1. It embodies Apple’s simple design.

Apple’s quintessential simplicity has not been lost here. The News app has a clean and sleek design, allowing for effortless navigation and an ideal user experience.

2. Personalized news options.

The app aggregates news based on preferences chosen when you first log in, but it doesn’t limit you to these favorites. Your preferred content can be ever changing, or ever increasing, meaning your news will always match your taste.

3. Video content is abundant.

Apple is catering to consumers’ video obsession by offering a specific section dedicated to video on most publisher’s pages, allowing for easy access to video content.

4. Publishers have another channel to reach the tech generation.

For publishers, this is another huge opportunity to grow their technology savvy audience. The app puts publishers in consumers’ pockets who may not have sought out their content otherwise.

5. Organize and save your favorite articles.

The News app has a history tab, which allows users to view previously read articles and to save stories. Gone are the days of struggling to copy-paste URLs or save bookmarks on mobile devices, now they’re all organized in one place.

6. Publishers can maintain their brand.

Although the app’s design is clearly in Apple’s taste, content from publishers will still maintain their native style . When users click on a publisher’s page, the design changes completely and creates a user experience specific to that publisher.

7. There’s something for everyone.

Because there is a wide variety of publishers on the app, people of all ages and demographics will find something they like. Putting a mix of publications in one central location makes it easy to explore new publishers as well as keeping up with your tried-and-true.

8. Effortlessly share stories with friends or on social media.

The best part about the app? You can airdrop, text, and post your favorite articles to social media with one button, making sharing that much faster. With so much to offer for both consumers and publishers, there’s a lot to love about Apple’s latest app. It’s a news platform that nails the basics and still has room to add more consumer features. For publishers the app is an interesting new distribution channel with favorable monetization options. Although it’s still new, Apple News has the potential to be a valuable mobile asset for publishers and reliable news source for consumers in our fast-paced world.