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5 reasons why videos are the future of content marketing

By Amanda Sparks | Jul 10, 2019


The content you create and publish has the power to ensure your success. Engaging and original content is the ultimate goal of professional content creators. However, that demands that you follow the trends and statistics on what the audience likes and wishes to see. Currently, that is video content.

Just consider the fact that 90% of customers report that video content helps them make a purchasing decision easier. Realizing the effect that video has on people, marketers are predicting it to be the future of content marketing.

If you want to know more about why is that, the following reasons will clear all your doubts.

1. Video humanizes your brand

Written content will never have the ability to connect people as much as video can. The rise Youtubers as entrepreneurs supports this claim. The reason why YouTube’s popularity skyrocketed is that some people realized that posting informative content on this platform will help them create a deeper relationship with the viewers.

Brands are using the same strategy in their business. They are creating video content that humanizes the brand and creates a relationship with the audience. When people are emotionally triggered, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Pinterest used this tactic and posted a video about its employees. They shared why they like working for this brand. In this way, Pinterest showed its audience the faces behind the screen that make it all happen.

Use such visual content to tell people your story. Let them get to know you and they will trust your brand more.

2. Video improves conversion rates

The effect video content has on the conversion rate is not just a myth. It is a fact. According to statistics, embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. That is certainly not a negligible difference.

For starters, adding a video to a landing page will prolong the time that visitors spend on your website. Once you get their interest with entertaining content, they’ll be motivated to browse through your website.

Along with the video, add a call to action or a luring text that will encourage them to act. With the help of professional writers from TopWritersReview and some editing tools like HemingwayEditor, the effect can really amaze you.

3. Video makes content more digestible

Lengthy articles can sometimes discourage readers. Even though you provide relevant information and key facts, if the readers’ see pages of text they can instantly give up.

Marketers found a solution to this problem – video content. By presenting key points of the article or post, you present to the readers what they can expect from it. Moving images and interesting clips will enhance their interest.

Global brands such as Forbes are using this technique. Besides providing informative and well-written posts, they also add a video that summarizes the content.

While their article provides in-depth solutions, the video accentuates key points. The clips they feature perfectly correlate with the text. In this way, they are drawing the audience in and increase their interest in the topic.

4. Video is more fun and shareable

One of your main aims must be to share brand awareness. Well, videos are perfect for that. Statistics claim that people share videos 1200% times more than another type of content.

Brands are taking this approach to a whole new level by creating personalized videos. This type of videos is fun for the consumers and useful for the brand.

One of the options they opt for are animated explainer video. In the explainer video, you can create an animated story about the benefits of your product or a tutorial on how to use it. Make it interesting and maybe even provoke a few laughs. If you manage to make this happen, your audience will be happy to share it on their social media.

Entertain and inform the audience and give them something worth sharing. The key is to express your creativity and create content which is unique, fun, and which depicts your brand’s personality.

5. Video makes content memorable

More than 80% of customers admit that it becomes easier for them to remember a video that they watched a month ago. Visual context is easier to remember. The reason behind that is that we are visual beings. Any type of content enhanced with visuals is more memorable. FastCompany shared the facts on this subject in the following infographic.

Videos also help the audience grasp the message because they can see and hear the story so there can be no confusion. Using effective, bold colors or clips that aim at people’s emotions have an especially strong effect. Create a video that will give people something to think about and you’ll never have to worry about them overlooking your content.

Video Marketing Infographic

Are you ready to embrace this trend?

Regardless of the type of business you run or the niche you work in, video content can have a great impact on your marketing strategy. These reasons give you some examples of how video content is conquering the world of marketing.

What is amazing about this type of content is that it allows you to express your creativity. You don’t have to limit your videos to just one platform, one theme, or one purpose. Use them in any way you wish to benefit your brand’s success.

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