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How to cover live events with engaging video content

By Sam Valorose | Aug 22, 2018


It’s the night of the big event. Your team is ready to go, but you still have one of the biggest challenges facing every editorial team: just about every other publisher is covering the event. So how are you going to be first, cut through the noise and generate the most engagement with your quality content? Producing video content during a major event in traditional editing platforms is a huge time investment and once the moment has passed, what’s the point? You’ll want to work fast because anything could happen. Here are some ways that our editorial team creates videos around award shows and live events – to make sure we’re covering the moments that matter, within the moments that matter.

The Red Carpet:

This is where it all goes down. As celebs start to pile into the arena of the award show, all eyes are on the fashion and looks present on the red carpet. Creating a Red Carpet recap before the show starts is the perfect way to generate buzz for your coverage and keep your audience coming back. Describe the clothes, the designers, who the celebs brought with them. Be sure to also add your own editorial voice and commentary. These are also great to split up into 15 second segments for Snapchat and Instagram stories.

You can also create an engaging video based solely on one look. If Cardi B stole the show with her dress, create a video containing multiple photos and videos of her look. Break down each item she’s wearing and add the reaction on social media. Videos with a very specific topic (ie Cardi B Just Stole the Show) always generate more engagement than a broader topic.

Big Moments and Bigger Drama:

If there’s one thing you can always depend on from award shows, it’s that there will be drama. While the rest of the viewing audience gets to sit back and revel in the show, it’s your job to identify those moments and tell the story in a polished, succinct way. For example, listen closely to acceptance speeches for any subtle cues or watch for cutaway shots to a celeb giving a judgmental expression. These moments are sometimes more newsworthy than the event itself and can take the internet by storm in a matter of seconds. At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna made the tribute to Aretha Franklin all about herself and the speech lit up social media. We were able to grab media from the Wibbitz platform and make a Top Story just moments after it happened.

Hot Tip: Pay attention to social media just as much as the event

Your focus should be pried to social media just as much as it is on the show. Twitter and Instagram will be the first to notice any subtle or hilarious moments. Create videos that roundup reactions to big moments and feature the funniest memes to keep you engaged in the conversation throughout the night. These types of videos also keep your content centered and tailored to your audience.

Big Winner Coverage

As the awards begin to be handed out, prep your video with media of the winners taken from the Red Carpet and behind the scenes. While you won’t be able to take video of the broadcast, the quote feature in Wibbitz is a great way to highlight the big takeaways from their speech.

Winner Roundup

While your team finally begins to wind down after a long night, begin to prep a winner’s roundup for early the next morning. By this time, our media providers have packed the Wibbitz platform with photos, videos and GIFs from the night, giving you plenty of options to create your final video from the night. Schedule this video to go live first thing in the morning, giving your audience that missed the event a recap of the entire night.

Using Wibbitz, you can easily streamline your video creation during the night of the big event – or even use videos that our team has already created (like the ones I showed off above). Sign up below to try it out for yourself!

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Sam Valorose

Video Producer at Wibbitz

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