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7 do’s & don’ts for marketing on Twitter

Oct 29, 2019


Did you know that 60% of Twitter users are more likely to purchase products or services after following a brand’s account? It’s true! And if you’re trying to appeal to the younger generations, Twitter marketing is a must have. As we shared in our Millennial and Gen Z social video trends report, the platform ranks in the top 3 favorites among Generation Z. And for Millennials, Twitter ranks in their top 5.

But you can’t just tweet without a strategy in place. If you do, it could potentially lead to general disinterest (at best) and audience backlash (at worst). All it takes is one quick search for twitter marketing fails to see how brands have been negatively impacted by their own Twitter misteps.

And really, it’s not entirely their fault. Thanks to the phenomenon known as “Brand Twitter”, companies have attempted to humanize their posts by acting like real people. While the end result of Brand Twitter can sometimes be entertaining, it’s mostly been cringeworthy.

Luckily for marketers, there are alternatives to tweeting about depression, posting snarky comebacks, and high attitude Twitter personas. Using the tips below, brands can harness the power of Twitter in positive, effective ways while remaining authentic at the same time.

4 do’s for marketing on Twitter

1. DO use video

First things first – you need to be posting videos to your Twitter feed. They’re visually appealing, offer lots of great creative branding opportunities, and promise at least six times more retweets than posts without video.

But not just any kind video will do. You need to maximize this strategy paying special attention to Twitter video length. The platform allows you to share up to 140 seconds worth of video content per post – use every one of them to make a true impact.

2. DO host polls

The Twitter polling feature is fun because it can help you show off your brand’s personality without being fake. Encourage fans to express opinions, take sides, and give you direct insight into their thoughts or feelings. Also, play around with what types of questions you ask as well as how long you leave them up for to see what works best for your unique audience.

3. DO optimize hashtags

Tweets with hashtags receive double the retweets of those without them. But keep it to a minimum – any more than two and you’ll actually see a drop in engagement. Use an even mix of popular Twitter hashtags and any of these Twitter hashtag research tools to discover high-performing/underutilized ideas that fit your brand.

4. DO join the conversation

Twitter marketing is at its best when conversation is being fostered and brands can take leadership in this arena by starting chats. People who love Twitter also love Twitter chats, which means this type of content often sees high engagement levels. So regularly follow and start conversations about your target audience’s industry.

3 don’ts for marketing on Twitter

1. DON’T sound like a try-hard

A good rule of thumb is to tweet how you text – use emojis, abbreviations, and a lighthearted tone. But don’t try using slang that you wouldn’t otherwise in regular conversation. The goal is to connect with younger audiences, not try to mimic them. It’s easier than you think to get labeled as just another awkward “Brand Twitter”.

2. DON’T neglect ads

If you have more than one target audience, you need to use Twitter ads to properly segment your marketing. Not only does this help increase brand awareness among new audiences, it’s also great for laser focusing on certain objectives (like upping your follower count or directing traffic back to your website).

3. DON’T limit content formats

Twitter lets you do so much more than just tweet out text posts. Which is why it’s important to get familiar with other viable content types, like video, GIFs, and images. You might still post more text-based content than anything else, but make sure to spice it up a little every day with a few of these other types in the mix.

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