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5 ways for travel & hospitality companies to become travelers’ go-to destinations

Dec 2, 2019


Did you know that travel and hospital companies that use content marketing (video, specifically) get 76% more leads than those that don’t? It’s true! Whether you’re just dipping your toe into this area or you’re looking to expand your current strategy, there are plenty of ways to quickly and easily apply the tips in this article and achieve your marketing goals.

But first, what really is content marketing?

By definition, it’s creating original materials (like blog posts, social media updates, and videos) that benefit your audience in some way. Maybe you solve a problem, make them laugh, or connect with them on an emotional level. But no matter what you aim to do with your materials, content marketing has a lot of benefits.

Overall, content marketing helps your brand stand out among your competitors. Every time you publish a new, unique piece you:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Build relationships with existing fans
  • Relate to people in a more authentic way

And even though most of your content marketing won’t involve direct sales or explicit brand promotion, a solid content marketing strategy can help your travel agency or hospitality business achieve a whole lot more over time.

For example, if you remain consistent with your content production, you’ll become the go-to resource for expert travel advice and related entertainment. And brand loyalty like this is, as we all know, a must-have in this competitive industry.

So without further ado, here are some ways successful brands use this type of travel agency marketing to gain an average of 66% more leads per year, among other amazing results.

5 ways to use video to build brand loyalty

1. Inspire action

Conde Nast knows that half the problem with traveling is getting time off from work and the other is finding somewhere to go. Which is why they created this brilliant video which tackles both those issues in one go. It’s hard to watch this video and not book something for an upcoming long weekend or even just a day trip!

2. Showcase micro-moments

USA TODAY’s One-Minute Getaway video content marketing series is a great example of using micro-moments to hook viewers. In 60 seconds, the video exposes us to the highlights of a lesser-known destination in a way that’s both really interesting and educational. By the end, you’re basically planning your own trip in your head.

3. Use keyword-based topics

American Express Travelink’s holiday stress tips video is another great example of travel agency marketing. The video has mass appeal and is probably a hot SEO phrase this month. This means lots of people are going to see this video in the results, watch it, and gain some really helpful takeaways. There’s a great chance they’ll come back to American Express’s channel for more advice in the future.

4. Understand the customer journey

Destination Cleveland’s art exhibit video shows just how well the brand understands the customer journey. In this final stage, known as Experiencing, their audience is searching for specific activities in the city. Which makes featuring this Cleveland-based, once in a lifetime experience (or any other unique itinerary item) a great addition to their content marketing strategy.

5. Know your audience

The great thing about I Love NY’s video in this example is how much they clearly understand their audience. All of their content marketing is a testament to this actually. They focus in on particular locations (Montauk in this one) and provide a good mix of fun facts, interesting landmarks, and some great history too. Because most people associate their brand with all things New York related, this video is a home run for both consistent branding and entertainment at the same time.

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