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TF1 Partners With Wibbitz to Expand its Digital Video Offering

By Yotam Cohen | Jul 26, 2016


TF1, the most established broadcast company in France, has chosen to partner with Wibbitz as its short-form digital video solution and advertising supply partner for the French market. The French media frontrunner will leverage our text-to-video platform to create videos for its website Metronews, as well as the LCI brand’s soon to be launched 24-hour video-focused news platform. TF1 will expand its digital video inventory by supplementing articles with automated videos created using Wibbitz, and will monetize Wibbitz videos with ads from its network of premium advertising partners.

With this new partnership, TF1 demonstrates its innovative and agile strategy by responding to the shift in media consumption habits as people dedicate an increasing amount of time to digital screens. Advertising budgets are following suit – this year, global digital ad spend is expected to grow more than three times the average rate. In the first half of 2016, video advertising spend grew by 26% in France, representing 34% of all digital display formats. Wibbitz will help TF1 to expand its presence outside the cable box and advance its position in digital media.

“The Innovation and Digital department is always looking for innovative solutions that meet the expectations of our viewers and enhance our products and services. We are particularly impressed by Wibbitz’s text-to-video solution, which will allow us to significantly extend our video inventory while meeting our quality standards.”
– Olivier Abecassis, Vice President, Innovation and Digital at TF1

We’re proud to partner with the broadcast company that is leading innovation in the French market. Wibbitz and TF1 will support each other to better reach today’s digital news audience, while capitalizing on the growing revenue opportunity in digital video. As the only automated video platform that fully supports the French language, we look forward to further developing our relationships in the French media industry. You can find TF1’s press release here. Et en français, voilà.

Yotam Cohen