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10 takeaways from the New York #DigiPub Summit 2015

Jul 22, 2015


Wibbitz was proud to partner with the 2015 Digital Publishing Innovation Summit last week where leaders in digital publishing gathered to share valuable insights and practical knowledge. The #DigiPub Summit took place at the beautiful Pierre Hotel, located across from Central Park in New York City. Speakers included Mike Kriak, COO & CFO at Mashable; Koda Wang, COO at The Huffington Post; and Mia Mabanta, Director Revenue Products at Quartz.

Speakers presented new ideas on monetization models, the do’s & dont’s of branded content, and lessons learned from company pivots. For all those who couldn’t make the summit, don’t fret – we’re excellent note takers!

Here are 10 key takeaways from #DigiPub 2015:

1. 73% of executives do most of their news consumption in the morning, and 18% check news throughout the day. [Quartz]

2. Using automated journalism the Associated Press has freed up time equivalent to 2-3 full time employees, allowing its staff to do more meaningful work. [AP]

3. After reshaping its brand and becoming more mobile-centric, Playboy has seen a 400% increase in millennial audience since its new brand launch. [Playboy]

4. The Huffington Post has a three-prong strategy for its plan to integrate video content as a destination on HuffPost: Newsroom, Production, & Partnerships. [The Huffington Post]

5. The Onion’s employees exceed its reputation for witty sarcasm, and produce equally funny branded content videos. [The Onion]

6. Mashable has a technology called Velocity that uses data science, algorithms, and machine learning to discover what topics are trending and advise their editorial team. [Mashable]

7. Combining journalism and engineering excellence has driven The Washington Post to see 59% total digital growth Y.O.Y and 88% total mobile growth Y.O.Y. [The Washington Post]

8. 73% of executives primarily consume their news on mobile, and only 1% do on TV. [Quartz]

9. Internet population has doubled 8x in the past 9 years and most of this growth is occurring overseas. [The Huffington Post]

10. Refinery29 has an audience of 70M across its operated social media platforms, and advises fellow publishers to view social media as part of their network. [Refinery29]

Digital publishing and the publishing industry as a whole is experiencing tectonic shifts in areas ranging from mobile monetization to audience development. Collaborative conversations like the ones held at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit will continue to drive growth within the space. Thanks to Innovation Enterprise for hosting such a forward-thinking and well curated event. We look forward to their future events as the digital publishing industry continues to produce some of the most innovative ideas out there!